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Sherri Sep 19th, 1999 05:35 AM

Airline Bumping
When is the best time to book a flight to <BR>do a voluntary bump? Possibly Sunday <BR>afternoon/evening or Monday morning? <BR>

stosh Sep 19th, 1999 08:35 AM

Go to , click on newsdesk and see the feature story on bumping 9/19.

Jojo Sep 19th, 1999 05:26 PM

Stosh: was very helpful on bumping, but can someone tell me, fairly clearly, what Rule 240 calls for? My son's flight was canceled due to equipment problems, it was the last for that airline for the night, and they just sent him away to come back in the morning for the first flight. I know this isn't bumping, but someone mentioned that he should have asked them to comply with Rule 240. What is it?

C.Clark Sep 19th, 1999 09:33 PM

Jojo, I don't believe that your son would have been covered under rule 240,as it doesn't apply to mechanical problems, only to over booking. <BR>

C.Clark Sep 19th, 1999 09:36 PM

Jojo, I don't believe that your son would have been covered under rule 240,as it doesn't apply to mechanical problems, only to over booking. <BR>

Jojo Sep 20th, 1999 06:50 AM

C. Clark: okay, fine, but what is rule 240?

stosh Sep 20th, 1999 08:23 AM

Jojo , I'm just winging this , no pun intended , But I believe rule 240 is basically that if an airline can not put you on one of their own flights within a set period of time , I think one to two hours , then they will then make arrangements for you to fly on another carrier within that time frame. This is a reciprical arrangement airlines have with each other.

stosh Sep 20th, 1999 08:55 AM

Just a quick clarification , I'm only aware of this applying to bumping situations , both voluntary and involuntary. It may have a larger scope I'm not aware of , but I'm still just winging this.

Dick Sep 20th, 1999 01:05 PM

Rule 240 is an apparently now obsolete FAA requirement that stipulated procedures for airlines to follow when flights were cancelled or delayed. In general, it required only that they put you on another flight at no additional charge or, if that was not acceptable, that they put you on another carrier. <BR> <BR>According to the DOT (much more info available at there is currently no federal regulation that governs this situation (not bumping, that's different) so the airlines are free to do whatever they choose. My own experience has been that they only offer reimbursement for accomodations if you're stranded in the middle of an itinerary.

Diane Sep 20th, 1999 07:38 PM

I have found Friday afternoons are good. One summer I got bumped three times on United. But that was years ago. Now they rarely ask for volunteers on the flights I'm on.

Diane Sep 20th, 1999 08:07 PM

I guess I should add that I'm a Premier member with United. It does help in moving me up on the prior list for bumping as well as upgrades. It's important to remember that the airlines use any opportunity they have to reward their frequent flyers. They also look to see how much the passenger paid for the ticket; for non-frequent flyers, this can help. The more the passenger paid, the higher up they go on the priority list.

Chuck Sep 20th, 1999 08:33 PM

I just returned from a trip to Maui. I flew out of San Francisco. I was supposed to be on the 9:00am flight. They had to switch to a smaller plane and bump 50 of us, I was one of them (involuntarily) All I got was a lousy $100 voucher...for a HAWAII FLIGHT!!! I was so irate I couldnt't see straight! I asked about a free ticket and was told "we don't do that anymore". They also promised unlimited free cocktails. I was denied this too, only 1 free cocktail. They put me on the 11:00 am flight which was delayed 2 hours until 1:00pm. I was literally robbed of a day on Maui. I am going to write a letter to the airline (United) with signatures from other irate passengers on the same flight. To top it all off, the airline staff was rude and unacommodating! A real inconvenience. <BR> <BR>C Cole

judy Sep 21st, 1999 05:43 AM

We try every trip to get bumped, and at this time, usually fly for free. Waiting for a computer flight from Memphis, they wanted volunteers and we each got $800 NW vouchers. Used them to go to Europe, and then on the return got two $600 vouchers. My husband has over $1125 from Delta, from giving up his seat three times in Atlanta to Kansas City. Finally they flew him back First Class...they were probably tired of him! So, when we fly, we can always be inconvenienced...just back a little bag with some clean things in it, so you don't feel stranded when they put you up in a hotel. Have fun.

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