A Theatre Week in Chicago with NeoPatrick

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Patrick, you're a trooper, if ever there was one. Lee is lucky to have you. What a busy week you had. Sounds like great memories.
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Patrick, Wonderful TR. I am so happy Lee is OK. I love Chicago and got to live it through your report. Now I'm starving.

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Patrick! Geez, never a dull moment. I will have to email you have been busy and have not had a minute for any body. BUT, I LOVE Quartino! The salumi and mozzarella--oh just yum! Atmosphere is great too. I can't wait until I go back--two business trips to Chicago next year, May & June.

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NP~you are famous on Fodors. Just don't be like "ringostar" he who has taken to not writing..... :0)
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Hi Patrick,
Finally had a nice block of time for reading TRs and enjoyed yours very much. Prosecco will be on our list of places to eat!
In general, do you recommend apartments over hotels? Higher costs?
I am so sorry about Lee and send prayers along for you both.
Thanks again, D
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We rented a "penthouse" studio apartment (sort of an open bedroom to the living room and kitchen) on the 52nd Floor at 1 West Superior, at State. The cost (by the week was $199 a night including taxes). That's about the same as a hotel room before taxes at $175 a night (?) You do the math. Nice hotels all seemed to be double that price.

We love the independence of an apartment, and don't need a maid coming in every day to make the bed and clean up -- we don't mess up. Having our own washer and dryer and small kitchen (although we only do cold breakfast) is another plus.

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Great trip report as always Patrick, but what really impresses me is the great care and compassion you always have for your partner. YOu need to be commended for that, its not an easy thing. and how ez it is for others to forget about you once your partner has a disease that makes others uncomfortable to be with you.
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Thanks, Patrick!
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Since I keep seeing this trip report listed at the bottom of my profile page I thought it was worth topping for this. Most of you know that I lost my partner, Lee in early January. Last week I finally got an "all paid" invoice from Northwestern Hospital for Lee's night there, described above. All $14,000 plus was fully paid between Medicare and his supplemental insurance. I'd been expecting that for a long time, but it is a nice relief to finally have it acknowledged that there is NO debt.

The great irony of this, is that Lee's night at Northwestern almost totally mirrored an experience we had in Nice, France a couple years ago when he had the same sort of "spell" at a restaurant, was taken by paramedics to emergency and spent one full night in the hospital with all kinds of tests given. The only real difference was that we had to pay the entire bill -- then collect from his supplemental insurance. So what was the TOTAL bill? Just over $100! Quite a difference between $100 and $14,000, don't you think?
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Patrick, I'm so sorry about your loss, this is the first I'm hearing of it (we were away in Jan)....Lee was very special and I feel priviledged in having met him during your summer in the city. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy.
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owlwoman, I haven't seen you for ages here. That was a fun lunch the three of us had in NYC, wasn't it? So many wonderful memories.
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I'm mostly in South America/Central America, but check here too. Just came back from Argentina, there's a trip report if you'd like to read it.

Are you coming to NY again this summer?
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Nope. New Orleans next week. London for a week in May, then leaving end of May for 6 weeks in Pacific Northwest and California. Doing a play in Blue Ridge, Georgia in August, then 5 weeks in Hawaii in Sept/Oct plus a week in LA. So my travel plate is FULL.

I'm starting to think about using some of my 250,000 AA miles for a OneWorld --5 month or so trip with 16 segments (round the world basically) and South America is part of that. Will check out your Argenitina report -- I never seem to go to that board.
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And now an update on the medical bills in Chicago. Yes, Northwestern Hospital release all debt to them. But I have now received a third notice from the City of Chicago for a $400 plus EMS bill. Each time, I have filled out their enclosed paperwork for Lee's supplemental insurance which WILL pay in full all ambulance and EMS charges. But a call to his insurance tells me that they have never received a claim from City of Chicago. So this time I got a little nasty with them, and after filling out the forms a third time, told them that if they don't want to submit the claim to the insurance company to leave me alone -- and I enclosed my attorney's name and address to contact if they had any further business with me, other than asking for information to actually file their claim.
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I'm so sorry about your loss (I didn't realize that your partner had passed away).

Reading about your health care saga for Lee's one overnight trip to the hospital just illustrates that something needs to be changed about health care in this country. Reasonable people can differ on the type of reforms necessary, but not that reform is very necessary.

My husband's grandmother passed away two months ago. The costs associated with her medical care the week before she died (essentially, her being kept alive with no expensive procedures) was out of this world, and she had Medicare.
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Dear Patrick, the one and only time I was in an ambulance was about 4 or so years ago. The bill for the ambulance was $700.00. I live exactly 5 blocks from the hospital. My insurance did pay less my copayment but $700.00 for a 5 block ambulance ride???
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LoveItaly, isn't it astounding? But I'll tell you another one. Lee once needed an ambulance to take him from our doctor's office to the hospital -- 2 to 3 blocks total. I forget the amount of the bill -- certainly several hundred dollars, but what I do remember is that there was a $75 fuel surcharge added to it. The idea of it taking $75 worth of fuel to go just three blocks is outrageous enough, but don't forget -- this was a SURCHARGE -- meaning extra paid because fuel was so expensive right then. Were they kidding us?
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