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A short Broadway-themed trip to NYC with 19 y/o daughter

A short Broadway-themed trip to NYC with 19 y/o daughter

Old Jan 28th, 2012, 07:48 PM
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Our neighborhood first gets going at 10 PM.
These places are a bit cheaper and you get a funky crowd.

The Redhead-great fried chicken


Veselka-24 hour place with potato pancakes, blintzes and pierogi.

Artichoke pizza-no place to sit, hipster's hangout at 2 AM

Blue Ribbon and Blue Ribbon Bakery


Katz's is open until Fri and Sat night to 2:45 AM.

And for the ultimate in cheap, cheap, NYC late night experience Gray's Papaya-franks and fruit drinks that have never met a fruit.
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Old Jan 28th, 2012, 07:52 PM
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Now for sticking my nose where it doesn't belong.

New York is much more than Broadway. There are all sorts of off-Broadway and off-off Broadway productions that are interesting. Sometimes it is great and sometimes not so great. We have seen writers and actors who later became famous. Or you can go to the Classic Stage Company where you often see well-known actors using their serious drama chops.

If someone is interested in the theater there are many ways to expose them to things they might not have considered.
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Old Jan 28th, 2012, 07:56 PM
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Sorry again to start another response but I just realized your screen name is Gelatolover

For the best store made gelati try Il Laboratorio de Gelato

Grom is an Italian chain that is very expensive.

And for damn fine store made ice cream:

Cones on Bleecker Street
Chinatown Ice Cream factory
and Sundaes and Cones on East 10th Street.
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Old Jan 28th, 2012, 07:58 PM
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In my opinion, Spiderman is the worst musical I've ever seen in the 20 years I've been a fan of musicals. As for Lion King, it wouldn't be my choice either. I'd consider Phantom of the Opera. Or you could leave it to chance and see what you can get at the TKTS booth.
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Old Jan 29th, 2012, 07:06 AM
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When you are at the Al Hirschfeld theatre seeing How To Succeed, make sure you go to the mezzanine level to see the exhibit about Hirschfeld that was put together by his second wife, Louise. She is an amazing woman who has had quite a life in her own right. She is a theatre historian and the head of the Hirschfeld foundation. Her first husband was a producer and set designer. Her current husband is an amazing philanthropist. In some ways she is the "Alma" (for you Tom Lehrer fans) of the 21st Century.
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Old Jan 29th, 2012, 04:41 PM
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On th subway issue. There's an app for that!! Hop Stop. It's as easy as pie!!
On the show, Rock of Ages.
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Old Jan 30th, 2012, 11:12 AM
Original Poster
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Thank you for all the helpful responses!

I am holding off on purchasing tickets for a third show because: first, it's hard to pick just one (looking at Love, Loss, and What I Wore, War Horse, Rent, Ghost, Newsies. (the latter two shows are coming up soon)

Secondly, we don't want to limit our too-short stay by concentrating on just one genre. We may end up adding a show, or maybe not at all....

Here's where I need your help once more. I have an ever-growing number of things to do on my wish list and could use your advice as far as what's realistic. Last time we were in NYC was two years ago, and we did manage to get to visit the major attractions. I'm hoping that this is going to be a nice bonding time with my 19 year old daughter and not turn into a crazy we-have-to-see-it-all torture trip.

Here are the givens.

Tuesday 3/13 Arrive at noon. Check in at hotel.

Wed 3/14 All day: open
7:30 How To Succeed in Business...

Thurs 10:30-1:30 Chelsea Market/Meatpacking District Food Tour
7 pm Book of Mormon

Friday Still open
This is the day before St. Pat's Day. Are there activities on the eve of St. Pat's? DD and I went to New Orleans for her spring break last year - first time for both of us. Boy, that sure was interesting. Our hotel Sonesta was right on Bourbon Street and sure enough, it was pandemonium when we headed out that night. People were on the balcony of our hotel, throwing green beads and yelling all sorts of suggestions on what my then 18 yr old daughter should do to earn her beads. Oh boy.....

Saturday depart for home. We're scheduled to leave mid-morning, but I can change it so we can leave at a later flight, IF we are staying to watch St. Pat's festivities. (Should we?) We are driving DD back to college the following day, Sunday.

Here's what I'd like to do. (no particular order)

1. Tour St. John the Divine
2. The Frick
3. Either MoMA or Met (have been to both two years ago), the Cloisters (IF there's time)
4. Tour St. Pat's
5. Tour Grand Central Station
6. Learn how to ride the subway this time
7. Central Park!!!
8. Visit some food meccas: Zabar's, Laduree, some fabulous chocolate stores (La Maison du Chocolat? Kee's? Jacques Torres?), Balducci's, Eataly?
9. Guggenheim (if there's time) - am more interested in the architecture, really.
10. Have a quick bite at Katz's, Grey's Papaya, Pommes Frites (is this still open?), 5 Napkin Burger, and yes, Grom's and Il Laboratorio for some gelato
10. Visit Barney's, and a few other stores that are quintessentially-NYC. (Shopping is not this trip's theme)
11. And finally, I'd like to enjoy NY's restaurants and have had a difficult time narrowing down the list (looking at the restaurants recommended here on the forums, tripadvisor, opentable, Zagat's. Not looking for expense-account type of restaurants, but looking at a wide range (from Katz's to maybe 1 or 2 special ones).

As far as post-theater dinner choices, what do you think of these? Triomphe, Vice Versa (we went to these two restaurants, but pre-theater, two years ago), Marseille, Picholine, La Silhouette, Cafe Boulud, DB Bistro Moderne.... Would like to hear some of your suggestions.

Thank you for all your help!
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Old Jan 30th, 2012, 12:52 PM
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Back in September, we waited in line for an hour at Laduree. I love a good macaron, but an hour? Not worth in, IMHO. It had just opened, though, so maybe it's not so crazy anymore.
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Old Jan 30th, 2012, 01:28 PM
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Don't forget dinner or lunch reservations, and make them asap (probably 30 days out if you can make up your mind). Even for lunch, a reservation is a must for Five Napkin Burger (even at 5:30pm). Or you wait 90 minutes for a table.

You also need reservations for all the other restaurants on you wish list ... and for some of them you really have to make the reservations by mid-February(Cafe Boulud, Picholine, maybe Triomphe). For others (Marseille, ViceVersa, DB Bistro Moderne), a week or so in advance is enough. But I have been surprised lately that I'm finding it difficult get get reservations even at some of my favorite neighborhood restaurants by calling just the same day, and I couldn't get a dinner reservation for ViceVersa a week in advance recently (very rare). People do seem to be eating out again.
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Old Jan 30th, 2012, 01:31 PM
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If you go to The Clositers, which I love, you basically shot the day. A liitle less so with St John's.

Pommes Frites is still open and although I have been to Laudree's in Paris, i have not been to the one in NYC. And on Valentine's Day I will go to Kee's.

Balducci's is more for shopping, while Eataly is more of a spectacle.

Of all the places, I love Zabar's but Saturday is a zoo, so if you want to go sharpen your elbows, forge ahead, and do not forget to go upstairs for a large selection of kitchenware.
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Old Jan 30th, 2012, 01:43 PM
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WOW! You have a great trip planned! I think I just need to get my Mother and come with you all!
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Old Jan 30th, 2012, 05:35 PM
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sf: Oh no, if the wait is still an hour at Laduree, I can leave my daughter there (she's the macaron fiend) while I happily make my way to Zabar's......

Adu: Since we've never been to the Cloisters either, I think we will choose The Cloisters and the Frick for the in-depth museum visits. I practically danced with joy when I checked the Frick's website and noticed that Renoir, Impressionism, and Full-Length Painting http://www.frick.org/exhibitions/renoir/ starts on Feb. 7 (thru May 13).

Hopefully, there will be a bit of time left to see my favorites at MoMA or visit the Guggenheim (never been there either).

Btw, Adu, you were a big help when you posted your legendary Food Guide on my thread two years ago when I was preparing for our NYC Christmas trip. Thank you again!

Doug: Your advice to make all the dinner/lunch reservations well ahead of time has been noted. Now I just need to hurry up and choose the restaurants. You seem to be quite familiar with the restaurants that I mentioned. May I ask you a favor? How would you rank the restaurants (see four posts up) based on your favorites? That's a total of 7 meals (4 dinners, 3 lunches). Although I am just now noticing that most of the ones on my list are, well, French..... Any suggestions so I can vary it up a bit? While we will really strive to use the subway during the day, I'm thinking that we will definitely take taxis back to the hotel after our late-night dinners...... I'm not too daring when it comes to exploring a new place late at night with my daughter (and we're both not too street-smart and weren't born with internal GPS either....)

Willow: By all means, grab your mother and enjoy NYC!
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Old Jan 30th, 2012, 07:06 PM
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The restaurant choices are overwhelming to me. I am following your thread for ideas!
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I've eaten at Cafe Boulud, and it's great, albeit very expensive and fairly formal. I have never eaten at Picholine (but it's beloved) or Triomphe (also heard good things). I rarely go to the Upper West Side to eat, and most of my midtown dining is before the theater, so I rarely go to the more expensive places. You might also take a look at Boulud Sud, which is somewhat less formal and less expensive. Esca is very good (and expensive). It's so hard because there are so many restaurants to choose from, so I'd rather someone who has experience with the other two add comments before you decide.

Another great "blow-out" restaurant is The Modern (Dining Room), at about the same price as Cafe Boulud; your daughter might like the chocolate cart at the end of the meal where you pick anything you want.

I am also partial to Gramercy Tavern, which has excellent upscale American cuisine in a relaxed setting with very accommodating, friendly service (all Danny Meyer restaurants do this well), but you have to make reservations exactly 4 weeks out to get a prime time. Another truly great restaurant (and very New York) is Gotham Bar & Grill (again, upscale American cuisine).

An excellent Italian seafood restaurant is Marea (but they do have a good steak too), but it's a bit more stuffy than the other choices.

A real Blow-Out Italian restaurant is Del Posto (which is next door to the Highline, so again, killing two birds with one stone. You can go up

Of the mid-range restaurants, I eat at Marseille and ViceVersa often and love both. They are excellent pre-theater places or really anytime. I don't particularly care for DB Bistro Moderne because I find it a little too pricey, but many people love it, and it's not THAT much more expensive than Marseille.

You can't make reservations at the restaurants in Eataly, and I just don't eat meals there, but I buy pasta and sometimes Italian meats and cheeses there, and the quality is excellent. I have not been to Laduree, but I love Bouchon Bakery (and I love the cafe there in the Time Warner Center if you want a nice lunch). La Maison du Chocolate also has truly excellent macarons as well as excellent chocolate, so you could kill two birds with one stone.

I do like Five Napkin Burger, and there's a new one opening on 14th/3rd Avenue, but I don't know when. My only gripe is that you have to wait an eternity without a reservation, and there are many perfectly good hamburger places in NYC. We also now have Steak & Shake near my office, and I'm going to try it in the next couple of weeks. It was the inspiration for Shake Shack.

The subway is running at all hours of the day and night, so unless it's really late (after 1am, you'll find the trains pretty crowded). And walk if you can ... I can't recall where you are staying, but it's always hard to get a taxi near the theater district. I usually look either on 8th or 9th Ave (depending on where the theater is) or walk over east of Broadway. But my advice is that for post-theater, stay near the Theater District (so Marseille, ViceVersa, DB Bistro Modern, etc.) and don't go too upscale (I like ViceVersa particularly because you can get appetizer portions of pasta if you don't want to eat too heavy late). Save the blow-out for a night when that's your main activity since dinner may last 2 hours or more.
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I agree with much of what Doug writes except to remark that I do not find Marea to be at all stuffy. We've always had very friendly and helpful service and we do not get dressed up to eat there.. black jeans and a nice shirt or sweater would be my default setting.

You can make reservations at Manzo at Eataly.


A restaurant that I do not believe has been mentioned, and that you both might like very much, is ABC Kitchen just north of union Square on EAst 18th Street. Voted BEst new restaurant in 2011 by the James Beard Foundation. Not at all formal.

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