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Songdoc May 25th, 2019 03:04 PM

2 Tahoe Questions
It looks like we will arrive in Reno around midnight. I’m thinking of staying in a Reno airport hotel to avoid driving to Tahoe in the dark (presuming we could even get a rental car that late). My body will think it’s 3 hours earlier, so I shouldn’t be too tired. But my question is whether the roads between Reno and Tahoe are easy to drive – or whether the route is something better done during daylight hours.

And ... how many nights do you suggest? We are mostly wanting to do some long walks/easy-moderate hikes for photography – not “activities,” (other than seeing one or two plays at the Shakespeare festival). I was thinking 4 or 5 full days, but am concerned we’ll get bored.

What sounds about right to see the highlights?


janisj May 25th, 2019 04:04 PM

>>presuming we could even get a rental car that late<<

Sure, you can certainly get a rental car that late -- but it isn't a great idea to drive some of those roads that late at night.

Which route will you take -- makes a huge difference where exactly you are staying. Incline Village -- you'd take the Mount Rose Road -- definitley NOT at night.

Kings Beach - you'd take I-80 to Truckee and 267 south to the lake -- the 267 bit isn't great at night. (you could also take this route to Incline but it is a bit round about)

Tahoe City and south along the west side of the lake - you'd take I-80 to a different exit in Truckee and Hwy 89 from there -- would be OK-ish at night

Southshore - you'd take 395 south to Carson City and Hwy 50 to the lake -- mostly OK at night but I prefer not to.

4 full days would be good -- enough to easily fill that much time.

sf7307 May 25th, 2019 04:06 PM

What Janis said!

Songdoc May 25th, 2019 04:31 PM

That's a BIG help.

MoBro May 25th, 2019 06:20 PM

Brilliant directions from Janis.
I would stay 4 nights myself, just to relax with a book or video.
Have you ever been there?
We enjoyed an afternoon at the base of Squaw Valley, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. (DH loves that stuff.) They have several types of fun festivals there. Also nice hiking.

Paqngo May 25th, 2019 06:43 PM

I agree with Janis but would add that driving during the daylight hours will allow you to
see the lake and enjoy the views. Driving around the lake is one of my favorite things. There is a good hike at DL Bliss State Park. Nice walk and the views are incredible.

Songdoc May 25th, 2019 06:54 PM

Thanks for all the great advice. I've copied all the info into a file.

MoBro: I was there for a work conference about 20 years ago. I only had one day off and I loved it.

annabelle2 Jun 18th, 2019 09:46 AM

If you do end up driving after dark on any of the roads, keep your eyes open for deer! Other wildlife too, from porcupines to coyotes to bear, but the deer are everywhere right now.

Speaking of bears, there have been numerous car & garage bear break ins lately. They are smart and hungry. Don’t leave ANY food or drinks, empty food wrappers, visible coolers, etc. in your car.

Songdoc Jun 18th, 2019 07:25 PM

annabelle: Thank you for that warning!!!

FYI, for those following this thread, I booked Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort for 4 nights, 7/16 - 7/20. It was partly chosen because it has a kitchen. It looks like a long drive to the Shakespeare Festival performances so we might not do that because it would require driving back in the dark. We'll stay the night of 7/15 at a Reno airport hotel. Then 2 nights at the Mirage in Las Vegas before heading to Nashville.

Why Las Vegas? Because it was $200 cheaper to fly Reno - Vegas - Nashville than just Reno to Nashville. Crazy! But it is essentially a free trip to Las Vegas. The main attraction for me is Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon. We'll do them VERY early -- before it's sweltering.

Thanks for your help, suggestions -- and warning!

janisj Jun 18th, 2019 08:07 PM

>>I booked Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort for 4 nights<<

Is it pre-paid - non cancelable?? There are many places on the lake with kitchens and I'd personally not stay on Hwy 50 at southshore. It is like staying in a city.

Songdoc Jun 18th, 2019 08:16 PM

janisj: It is pre-paid/non-cancelable. I got a fantastic rate through Hotwire. I hadn't been able to find anything anywhere near that price w/ a kitchen in a more desirable location.

janisj Jun 18th, 2019 08:28 PM

Great price on Hotwire is a good thing -- just get away from southshore as much as you can.

Re the Shakespeare festival - It would be an OK drive -- because there will be lots of other cars driving down hwy 28/hwy 50 to southshore after the performance so you wouldn't be isolated. It is about 30 miles to your resort and the last 15 miles from the junction with hwy 50 it is 4 lane.

Songdoc Jun 18th, 2019 09:44 PM

Thanks, Janis. Re: the Shakespeare festival, that seems doable. I appreciate the info.
I don't plan to be at the hotel other than to sleep and eat.

sf7307 Jun 19th, 2019 05:46 AM

The hotel you chose is very nice (we took a peek while riding bikes around the area). it’s just that Janis and I prefer a different side of the lake v the south shore. That said, we stayed on the south shore for a week last summer (followed by two weeks on the north shore). and had a great time.

Paqngo Jun 19th, 2019 06:05 AM

Songdoc- if you can go the the Shakespeare show....GO. The location is amazing and the views are wow. They do have food for purchase which was excellent. Driving afterwards would not be bad. Janisj is right. It is not that far and there will be cars going that direction. Enjoy Tahoe.

Songdoc Jun 19th, 2019 09:24 AM

sf7307 & paqngo: Thank you for those comments! Much appreciated.

annabelle2 Jun 19th, 2019 06:34 PM

If you go to the Shakespeare Festival, you may want to bring a flashlight (phone flashlight works but a real one is better) because after the show the parking lot is pretty dark (filled with people & cars of course, but there are no lights).

Songdoc Jun 20th, 2019 04:16 PM

Thanks, Annabelle2. Good advice!

tom42 Jun 21st, 2019 08:48 AM

Originally Posted by janisj (Post 16938857)
>>It is like staying in a city.

We must have very different ideas of a city! We've stayed on the south shore several times and never felt like we were in a city.

MichelleY Jun 21st, 2019 10:06 AM

Compared to the rest of Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe seems like a city. Lots of traffic, congestion.

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