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Frances Feb 25th, 2004 11:27 AM

2 nights in Atlanta
We are routing through Atlanta in August and have a night stopover in each direction.
Can you help by recommending places to stay
1.On our way out we probably want an airport hotel. We arrive about16.00 after a 9 hour flight. I've spent a night in Atlanta in August before and I imagine we'll want a swim(- outdoors), a rest, a good meal and no car hire . We have to be at the airport about 8 the next morning so a shuttle would be useful.
2.Coming back we arrive mid-morning and have until about 6p.m. the next night before we leave again. On this occasion we'd like to see something of the character of the area whilst not having to travel very far. We are open to car hire this time.
Is there an area of Atlanta or indeed its environs which is particularly charming and has character? Importantly is there a good hotel or B&B which you can recommend ?Finally is there somewhere good to eat nearby?
Many thanks.

Frances Feb 26th, 2004 09:32 AM

Nowhere nice in Atlanta?

TxTravelPro Feb 26th, 2004 09:38 AM

I've stayed at the Renaissance at the Atlanta airport and would recommend it... On your return it would be helpful if you indicate whether you are interested in outdoorsy stuff like Stone Mountain or city stuff. You could take MARTA to downtown from the airport and stay at a nice hotel. There's quite a bit to do in the downtown area.

sara_m Feb 26th, 2004 10:12 AM

Any airport hotel is going to be a decent, characterless place to stay. I don't think you can go especially wrong or right at any of them. Just search to see which has an outdoor pool if that's important to you. I'm sure all of them have a cheap or free shuttle to the airport. If I was relying on public transportation and had a day in Atlanta, I'd probably stay in Buckhead. It's not my favorite spot in the city, but there's a good amount to do, lots of hotels to choose from, excellent restaraunts and it's easy to get to/from the airport. You might try Midtown, too, as many of the same things can be said. My favorite parts of Atlanta (Virginia Highlands, Little 5 Points) aren't terribly accessible by public transportation and require a little longer stay. Atlanta is much like LA; you really can't go much of anywhere if you're looking to "not have to travel very far."

Frances Feb 26th, 2004 11:54 AM

Thank you both . In response to Tx TravelPro, we actually stayed near Stone Mountain the last time we were in Atlanta in August, but found it so hot we just swam and then ate. We never made it to Stone Mountain. Is it worth visiting?Our (or perhaps, my) main interest is local character and buildings -not necessarily public historical buildings. More something that shows you what life is like in that particular place.My two daughters love shopping but they may be dissuaded from that if its very hot. My husband likes beer after a long flight!We sound a strange family!
Sara m, we are happy to rent a car on the way back for our longer stop. Are Virginia Highlands and Little 5 points accessible on this basis, and are there good places to stay and eat?
Many thanks to you both

padams421 Feb 26th, 2004 02:41 PM

On your return trip, I suggest a hotel in Buckhead, a section of Atlanta, which is north of downtown. There are lots of hotels- Marriott, Swissotel, Ritz Carlton, Embassey Suites, Days Inn, etc. Lots of shopping with 2 malls and lots of some little shops. Many restaurants and bars. You can take the Marta train from the airport to Buckhead or you could rent a car. If you rented a car, you drive around the area, which has some of Atanta's prettiest homes including the Governor's Mansion and the Atlanta History Center. Little 5 Points and Virginia Highlands are fun little neighborhoods with restaurants, bars and some shops but not much lodging nearby. As for an airport hotel, I agree with the suggestion of the Renaissance.

Frances Feb 27th, 2004 11:55 PM

Does Buckhead have any lodgings-either hotels or B&B which are individual in character but good?
Are there any restaurants in particular that you would go for? I'm not interested in French haute cuisine but restaurants which turn out local flavour.

Frances Aug 22nd, 2004 06:38 AM

I thought I'd update this as we have just returned from our trip.
On the way out we stayed at the Airport South Courtyard which was fine for what we needed. The restaurant was closed and so we walked to Ruby Tuesday's nearby. The hotel had a pool albeit an indoor one but it was nowhere near as humid as the last time we visited Atlanta so the fact it was indoors was O.K.
On the way back we stayed t the Pine Isle Resort at Lake Lanier Islands and considered ourselves very lucky. It took us about an hour to get there from the airport and we enjoyed it so much that we didn't leave until the next afternoon.The staff were very helpful we had a delayed check out at no charge which prooved useful when we overslept as we'd spent the prvious night in the air! There was a boat trip on the lake and a very good restaurant.I would definitely stay here again!

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