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IonaLee Dec 9th, 2020 07:31 PM

Where will be your Christmas celebration this year?
Christmas is coming. Hope all are ready for welcoming Santa and the joy of Christmas. Stay safe in this corona time and plan your place.

DavidPriest Dec 9th, 2020 07:53 PM


HappyTrvlr Dec 10th, 2020 06:36 AM

Home safe in AZ, won’t travel to be with our family in the north so no White Christmas this year. Have to be safe this year and not take risks with our health or lives.

suze Dec 16th, 2020 11:59 AM

Alone at home in my own apartment in Seattle, Washington USA.

Sadly I can't even go down to visit my parents and sister's family for Christmas this year. It simply does not feel safe to any of us. We've already exchanged gifts by mail, wrapped and awaiting our separate holiday.

catspajamas Dec 18th, 2020 05:46 AM

I will be with my cat Ginger in my condo in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.

eliztravels2 Dec 20th, 2020 04:05 AM

At home with DH, near Toronto, Canada. Our daughter and family live a few blocks away, but as she works in health care and is exposed to covid, she has chosen to limit her contacts with others as much as possible for their protection. We’ll do doorstep exchange of gifts and turkey dinner dishes. Our other daughter is celebrating pretty much as usual in covid-free Western Australia.

Nonawill Dec 23rd, 2020 03:07 AM

I'll be spending Christmas at home with my family this year.

Macross Dec 23rd, 2020 05:57 AM


vp_singh Dec 27th, 2020 08:26 PM

Stay safe for this while ladies & gentlemen!
Christmas 2021 will be upon us before we realize!
We have nearly vanquished this cussed virus...hurrah!!

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