Some Travel Tips - Then and Now

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I will add bus to the train tip, toddhicks.
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I missed yours marvelous mouse and don't know how but thanks for your good suggestions.
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Thank you, stephen0711--add some yourself as you learn travel lessons!
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Hii TDudette!! Thanks for sharing this list. When I will plan my next trip I will definitely keep in mind all your tips.
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Thanks, steffanhayden22. Please add to the list and may your tips not be too hard to earn!
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If you're desperate for an USB charger look at the hotel TV. A newish TV will likely have an USB port. They aren't always powered so you might need to try each port if the TV has multiples. It will be slow .

Most newer phones/tablets are happier with higher power chargers. The charger in the Ebay link above seems to be USB1 . It's safe for all devices but it will be slow. There are higher powered multiple port chargers. Anker USB charger Something like that can handle most modern devices. It would need a plug adapter.

A multi outlet powerstrip will let you plug multiple items in. You'll need one plug adapter per powerstrip instead of one for each device.

First class Italian trains have a different layout. Means less people in the car. Slightly nicer seats. Free peanuts -) Not really worth the added price for most people but if you wait to book they might be the only seats available. Or if they have a sale .

An external battery powerbank will allow you to charge devices in airports or even just walking around town. A 10K powerbank will charge most devices at least a couple of times before you need to recharge the powerbank itself. Winter wearing a coat it's easy enough to have both the phone and batterybank in your pocket charging while you walk.

Have extra cables. Buying a pack of extra cables before you leave home is going to be cheaper but more importantly easier then replacing the lost/damaged one while traveling.

An extra small USB charger won't take up alot of room. Keep it and extra cables in an easily accessible spot . Carry on pocket for example.

If you are carrying a smartphone look for apps . In Spain the airports have an app. The app will give you gate notifications. Including changes while you wait . It can also give you access to the free airport Wifi. There are apps for train and metro systems that can help with everything from train delays to knowing which stop to get off.
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Thanks, Nick. Great idea about TV having a USB slot.

The few American airports I've used have charging stations. I take a power strip along. At Union Station Hotel in Nashville, I didn't need it. The desk lamp had built-in outlets and there was a USB slot in the bed side table.
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Great tips!

I always bring an extension cord on my trips. Mine is 12 feet..
It seems the outlets are always behind the bed or inconvenient spots.

I told this too my son who was biking cross-country.
He used it at public rest rooms so he could charge his laptop and phone but wait outside.
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Thanks LindaBrinck for your kind words and for the tips. I take a power strip--but not that long. I hope we will see more multi-plug "stuff" in this amazing tech age.
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Great tips! I always bring a purse-pack of wet wipes; numerous uses and can use instead of carrying toilet paper.
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Thanks, travlsolo2.

Don't put m&m's in your purse and forget them...
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Thanks, blackymercedes. Please add to them!
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Found some more from train trip to NYC in 2015!

01. Always allow extra time for parking. For some reason, the garages at Amtrak BWI are marked 1 and 2, for Marc and for Amtrak, respectively. In reality, I think both are under one roof! Upon return, the pre-exit machines did not function and I was told to pay at check-out (which was unpersoned).

02. There were overhead shelves in the reserved car in which I rode and my wheeled duffel fit perfectly. Seats larger than airplane coach! Tall slot at end of the car could accommodate 2 or 3 large cases if they are stacked.

03. Never carry a bag you cannot hoist yourself.

04. Have papers stowed in such a way that you can easily access them one-handed.

05. Have many single bills for tips! A repeat tip from other trips. Also, I ended up with a couple of $50 bills that I just took to the bank and exchanged for smaller rather than get into it with a taxi driver.

06. If you are driving, yield to city buses. Play chicken with taxis at your peril!

07. Consider the sunny and view sides when you take any long rides.

08. Hold all doors for the next person. On one of the buses I took, the back doors didn't stay open by themselves.

09. Stay out of the way of others if you need to stop. Move to the side of things.

10. There was no special line outside the Met for advance ticket holders on the rainy a.m. I was there. Get the museum plan. The place is huge and the restaurants were not marked well, IMHO. In fact, the names on exhibit rooms weren’t much help either!

11. Pack some bandaids--in addition to blister care, they work to hold your charger's plug to problem outlets. Consider an outlet strip.

12. Again, if you are driving, don’t think that you can zig and zag off and on the avenues—if things are backed up north and south, the numbered roads were backed up also. Broadway was a mess with construction and double-parked delivery trucks and busses.

13. When hailing a cab, try to place yourself in the correct direction of your destination—see number 12.
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Someone was talking about Tips so I looked for this and decided to bring it up again. Many of the USA hotels in which I've stayed recently, have USB hubs. Is that changing in other countries as well?

How many items do you have needing daily charging?
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None... but I know I am unusual in that regard
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The only thing I take that needs charging is my iPhone. Our toothbrushes hold a charge for a long time, so we just charge those the day before we fly. We leave in a couple days for another trip and I will bring my phone as will my husband, but he has to bring his laptop since its a work trip for him.
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Camera batteries,phone battery,laptop if you limit it to daily.

USB ports do seem more common today but they may not support your devices high speed charging method.
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