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bsamantha828 Oct 30th, 2016 07:15 PM

Should I go for a GoPro, DSLR or drone?
Hi, there!

My name is Sam and I am a 25yo traveler, also aspiring to become a travel blogger. I currently have an iPhone that allows me to just point and shoot with no fuss. However, I'd love to take my photography to a whole new level which is why I've been reading a lot about drones and DSLRs. I even came across this wonderful site that talks endlessly about drones, even for beginners.

But then, I also saw GoPros and now I'm confused. I've been reading a lot of articles but I'd also love to hear it from you guys. Can you please give me any advice: GoPro, drone, DSLR, iPhone 7? Perhaps recommendations on what drone to get, if ever?

Thanks a big bunch.

Sam XO

RoamsAround Oct 31st, 2016 10:34 AM

OK, I'll bite.

It really depends on the type of photos you want to take while traveling. Most professional and Amateur photography buffs will tell you there is no one perfect camera but rather they use different cameras and lens for different purposes.

I use my iPhone for quick "snap-shots", especially at those times when I'm not carrying my DSLR camera around.

I use my DSLR Camera when I want really great photos (recently took well over 2,000 photos with it when I was on a photo safari in Africa). I use it for most of my travel photography. I have 3 different lens which gives me a lot of flexibility.

I use my GoPro when I want good videos taken while I'm actively involved in some type of recreational or sporting activity such as driving a high performance car, when mountain biking, sailing a habit cat or skiing. FYI - you can also take videos with many of the higher end DSLR cameras.

I'm not an expert on drones but if you want to use them for taking pictures you have to get one big so you can mount a camera. Many people use a GoPro with their drones.

Travelnut Dec 29th, 2016 01:25 PM

Just note any restrictions (and often strong objections) regarding use of a drone.... more to lug around as well. Hubby bought a backpack carrier for one of his.

ChevyZ76 Feb 20th, 2017 10:13 AM

I know this old. But I thought I might chime in. I actually have every piece of equipment that you are asking about. The drone is a DJI Mavic Pro, I bought this drone for the portability of it. I have a backpack that hold my DSLR and a few lenses, Drone, GoPro, and assecories. I even have the DJI Osmo Mobile. Back to the mavic, it is an excellent drone, 4k camera and amazing pics for its size. I myself love to travel and would love to start a travel blog. Something different and it will get me out of my comfort zone. Good luck to you.

ChevyZ76 Feb 20th, 2017 10:15 AM

Also depending on how you are going to do might also want a microphone. May I suggest the RodeMic Micro.

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