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foader Mar 19th, 2018 10:24 PM

Power charger or converter needed?
Traveling to Rome and a few other locations in Italy next month from the US and was wondering what I need in order to charge my iPhone, iPad, camera and external battery pack. Sounds like all I need is a power wall adapter instead of a converter from what I've read. Don't want to waste my money on a converter if I don't need one plus having to lug the thing around Italy for no reason.

From what I've read, any of the smaller electronic's that except 110 to 240 current (dual current) will work with just the adapter. Does this sound about right? I was also planning to purchase a multi-function external battery pack such as an AC output power bank in order to recharge both of our iPads while on the plane. Does anyone have a suggestion on which battery pack worked well for charging iPhones and iPads? Thanks for any help!

ltr Mar 20th, 2018 06:10 AM

I just returned from Rome on Saturday. You just need the power wall adapter for your Ipad and IPhone. Make sure you put it in your carry on. Our luggage was lost for 6 days, so I went to a local convenience store and purchased new ones that charged 2 Apple products at a time for about 6 euros each.

Andrew Mar 20th, 2018 08:01 PM

All of the planes I've flown to Europe from the US in the last few years have had USB adapters in front of the seats, even in coach, though perhaps only to charge on device per seat. Cross your fingers. Most have had AC power jacks, too. (Or check SeatGuru for your flight to try to confirm.) So you might not need a battery pack. I have a little portable battery pack for my Android devices for the same purpose, but so far I've never actually needed it.

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