Last minute tips, specially in Southern Asia


May 17th, 2015, 01:08 AM
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Last minute tips, specially in Southern Asia

Summer is coming, get ready and pack your stuffs!
Most of people love to prepare their holidays in advance, and of course, that's the better option.
But what if? for some unknown reason you can't? What to do? Where to go?

Here are few things you should keep in mind and try to catch up:

- Flight? Last minute deals are often the best option if you need to catch up lost time.
Never buy an air ticket before 12pm and after 7pm. You won't find the best deals. Airlines companies usually update their fare in the morning, offer some discount for few hours in afternoon and rise the price to reach their pick in the evening. So, It's a really bad move to to consider other timing for late air-ticket. A website like might help you to understand the evolution....
And the best advice is, when you're seeing that the price reduced ()the lowest possible) displayed on a website for one or 2 hours, it's time to buy. Don't expect another drop down of price. The only result left is rising of that price in few hours. So, in stead of waiting the sign of God, the 1 or 2 hours of stability of a air-ticket price might be your salvation.

- Where to go?
A really good question.
When you're late on planning your holidays, your options are limited. So, the best places or destinations are already booked for hotels and short term rentals. Choose some paradise destinations considered as second choice.
Maldives for example? Too far? Wanna go to Bali or Pukhet? may be a better destination, no less exotic might be Malaysia. Yes, Beautiful beaches, warm and welcome people, calm place to plan your holidays. Try to book hotels on or Agoda (plenty of options). Or maybe a short term rental on or airbnb. You have plenty of choice.
Just remember, Last minute deals still exist, and sometimes, the results might be better than if you had all planned months ago.

Good luck, and Enjoy the upcoming summer.

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May 17th, 2015, 08:31 PM
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I am planing to make a travel in the Southern Asia last part in this year and that's why here all the information would be helpful for me.
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May 19th, 2015, 04:37 AM
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It'll be great Garry! Lovely places and experiences in southern Asia, you'll love it!
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May 20th, 2015, 09:26 AM
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You make some good points, your tips on booking a last minute flight are usually the rules that I go by too... Just wanted to add that for some airlines and some of the payment methods, you can even get them to put your reserved seat on hold for 24 hours, so if you get a better deal elsewhere (although it's not that likely, as you pointed out), you can drop the first one and book the better option.
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