Free Internet connections. Need special settings?


Nov 28th, 2008, 04:38 AM
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Free Internet connections. Need special settings?

Thanks for all your responses. I couldn’t catch them before we go so we decided to take the laptop anyway and found out at arrival.
The lap top was useful for downloading pictures and for my daughter to write every night a recount of her day; however we didn't pay the 20 euros a day the hotel charges for Internet.
For communication we used the roaming service of our phone company (only for texting my husband so he can call when we were at the hotel) and my daughter used a pen drive to carry with her "letters" so we can stop at any Internet Cafe and for 1 euro she had enough time to send and check her mail.
At the end I realize it was better not to have Internet in the room, we had very full days and our internal clock didn't adjusted. We were very alert at night and had problems to get up early so it was better not to have the Internet in the room when we get to the hotel at night.

However, for those of you more knowledgeable in the computer world, there is plenty of free wi-fi in Paris, we had a park two blocks from our hotel and we saw plenty of spots during our visit; we also got plenty of wireless connections from our room, one of them very strong "free public" unsecured signal, but apparently you have to do some adjustment to your setting to get those signals... I was connected or that said my computer, but I could not navigate; in a mysterious way, the second day at the hotel we could only see one wireless connection available, we supposed it was the hotel's and it was secured.

This has happened to us in different cities, so I will post this in a separate post to see if someone can help me with these connection problems for a future trip.

Thanks for your answers!

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Nov 29th, 2008, 05:52 AM
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I'm not sure I follow your question, since I'm no 'expert'... It's just been our experience thus far, that you open the "View Networks" window and choose from whatever is listed there. That list might change from one try to another. "Unsecured" generally means you don't need any code to use it, but note that there is risk in doing so, and I suppose the owner could detect your hitchhiking on their service.

Once you've utilized a Wifi site, the computer may remember that site and automatically connect to it.

20€/day is pretty dang steep, since you aren't working. Didn't the Marriott offer at least a 'per hour' option?
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Nov 30th, 2008, 05:39 PM
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Hi Travelnut!
Thanks for your answer. I’m not expert either and I have been thinking that it may have something to do with my security setting. This has happened to us in different cities. I do as you said: choose from the list of available networks and connect, but when I go to any page they don’t open, even when my wireless connection status appears as connected and with excellent signal… During this trip happened to us at Miami airport and at the hotel with this “free public unsecured connection”.
The Marriot didn’t offer any other option in the rooms; I didn’t went to the business center because I nearly had a heart attract some time ago when I asked for their Internet “per hour” fare at JW Washington. As you said, if is not for business it is not worth the money
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