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15magen15 Aug 31st, 2016 09:41 AM

Where to Spend More Time - Puerto Varas or Pucon?
Fellow travel junkies,

My bf and I will be travelling to Chile in early December. I have 5 full days of adventure available between Puerto Varas and Pucon. Looking for some advice on how to split time between the locations.

On the definitely must do list for now:
Canyoning (is one place better than the other for this?)
Day trip to Chiloe (this would be from PV)
Travel, by car from Puerto Varas to Pucon with a side trip to Valdiva
Climb the Volcan Villarica

That leaves 1 open day and a decision on staying 3 nights in each town or 2 nights in one and 4 in the other. We will be coming from Bariloche.

Unique experiences and outdoor adventures are more appealing than museums and long cafe visits.
We will also have a rental car.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Huentetu Sep 1st, 2016 05:34 AM

Both are small towns catering to the tourist (local and foreign) trade and not many museums about. There is a good one in Frutillar dedicated to the German settlers in the area if you suddenly developed an interest.

The weather might be a bit better in Pucon at that time of year as it is just that bit further north. But you can look at the weather situation closer to the date. The one thing Pucon has over Puerto Varas is the abundance of hot springs in the area. They range from very basic to ones like Huife with a good infrastructure.

It is about a 5 hour drive between the two and you will get to PV first if coming from Bariloche. If you plan to drop the car in Pucon, check the one way drop off charges. Many companies are regional and it can be an expensive option.

A lot depends on where you are going next. There are good night buses north from both and flights from Puerto Montt or Temuco.

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