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VENEZUELA : avoid POSADA La CASITA and GEKKO TOurs in Ciudad Bolivar

VENEZUELA : avoid POSADA La CASITA and GEKKO TOurs in Ciudad Bolivar

Old Feb 4th, 2014, 12:19 PM
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VENEZUELA : avoid POSADA La CASITA and GEKKO TOurs in Ciudad Bolivar

I spent 2 nights in Posada La Casita at Ciudad Bolivar : basic bungalow with a lot of mosquitos and i was bitten seriously each night despite the repellent sprayed in the room and on my body. So it's the 1st good reason to avoid that hotel because you will spend awful nights and you will remind it every time you will scratched many days after.

The second reason is that hotel doesn't respect any security rules : the paths between main buildings and bungalows have no light at all at dawb and night : and it's completely dark - so you can just guess your itinerary except when there is a black obstacle on the path. In my case, there was a big black dog on the path at night and i had no way to see it : i seriously falled , my knee and my hand were bleeding, my pants was definitively damaged and i broke my Chanel view glasses. I was following closely a staff member on the path to their office but nobody helped me when i was lying on the path crying after such big fall, nobody proposed me any antiseptic to clean my wounds and when i asked to the owners wife if they have a Professional insurance in such case : she was impolite and just chase me away without proposing any help. So don't get sick in such place : they don't mind.

I send the evidences of my damages but they refused to assume their responsabilities.
This company has a website ; http://www.gekkotours-venezuela.de but "no adress" for the company - just a contact at the Casita mentionned but it's not sure it's the Head Quarter adress.
It seems it's a german company, the owner is german but is also owning a venezuela passport with its german passport and it looks very strange for me because double nationalities are not allowed in Germany. I paid my expensive trip in Euros to another company in a Netherland bank but also no adress on their website - but which refused to deliver receipt or invoices. So a very unclear situation and you don't have any idea where you have to complain - i will try in Germany with the help of a german friend.
Now this company said there was light on the paths but of course there wasn't and i have pictures and i can't fall if i do see the big black dog on the path and i feel happy he didn't bite after my fall me because it was a rotweiler guard dog , and there was 3 of them in the property.

So i will try to complaint to Europe and Germany, but without any invoice despite the payment in Euros in an European bank, it's not simple.

Avoid this hotel and company : their website looks like a travel agency proposing packages (flights, hotels, transports , guides) and i doubt about the status as understood in Europe and USA.

There is no transparency , i don't have any invoice and it seems everything is done to avoid to take any professionnal insurance and to assume responsabilities in case of accident.
So now i am sure you know what kind of company is Gekko tours : the owner of la Casita, its "charming" wife refusing to help a wounded customer and they have also 4 or 5 others hotels in differents places in Venezuela.
So avoid this company and their hotels because they don't mind about basic security issues and there is no professionnal insurance to protect you in case. Also if you pay in Euros or Dollars : you will pay a very expensive rate in Euros for basic rooms and a lot of mosquitos.
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Old Feb 7th, 2014, 10:47 PM
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i just received a blackmail mail from the owner of la posada : more than 1 week after my departure he realized the dog was injured - which was not true and the dog was fine when i left the posada. He lies just because he don't want to assume my real damages (chanel glasses broken + 1 pant + wounds). Just pathetic. Also Tripadvisor deleted my 1st review and i create a new one : but don't believe the rating of this posada because there is censure on bad reviews - so ranking is not the real one.

this is the owner email claiming 1800 euros when it's much more than 3 years salary for many people in Venezuela.

during your stay, you fell over one of our dogs, because of not paying attention to the path. During that fall, you hit the dog, which has been injured and needed to see a Veterenarian the day after.

The cost of this treatment, which are about 1800 Euros, will be invoiced to you, with the request of payment within the next 14 days.

In this regards we would like to point out, that our lawyer in Venezuela has already been informed about this incident, as well as the FALSE statements, which you have publically made.

You may deny it, but we can easily proof witnesses, that this is the case through official documentation. For example that Gekko Tours is not a Europen Company, that I do not own two passports, and so on.

If we receive the payment, within the 14 days, we will leave the matter be. Otherwise, I have adviced my lawyer, to start getting the venezuelan courts involved, and claim the open amount legally. In this regards, I would like to point out, that the costs of the lawyer as well as an additional compensation fee for the false statements you made and the damage these caused, will be added to that bill, probably doubling the cost. Just imagine all the papers, that would have to be sent to Europe, etc.

We hope that you do have at least some humanity and will come up for the treatment of that poor dog, that had done nothing to you. In fact, you did feed the very same dogs just at the same morning with your sandwhiches. We hope that you will not cause us any further trouble and that we can both forget this once and for all. Maybe at some point, you are even willing to add an apology for at least your inappropriate behavior and the false statements, though we do not really expect that is ever going to happen.

so its attitude is dishonnest : no invoice sent, of course no pictures of the dog injured and it's just lies
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So basically you fell over in the dark and hurt you knee and ripped your pants. You at travelling in the developing world where accidents happen. Get over it and move on. Minor misshaps are part of life and it isn't always someone's fault. Maybe buy a torch and travel insurance for your next trip

As for the owners email, I would imagine it is just a response to your posting what he perceives as slanderous statements on a website. No one here will have any way of knowing whether your statement are true or not but personally I take posts such as these with a huge pinch of salt, especially when I see you have only posted twice on this site and your last post also involved a complaint and possible legal action.
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Old Feb 8th, 2014, 07:05 AM
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of course accidents occurs but in that case you can except a small help with antiseptic to clean wounds, and also you can expect that a hotel had secured the path with lights at night and you can also expect they have a professional insurance in case. And the owner's wife was odious with me.
It's legal to have a legal action against the "travel agent" (Orinoco Eco Camp ) to recover damages when it's illegal to blackmail customers with an extravagant request of 1800 euros when i just touch the dog with 1 foot before "flying over" when i walked on the path and he wasn't injured because i saw it. So it's pure blackmail with no proof and it occurred 10 days after i left the hotel. Just pathetic!. This website doesn't accept pictures but i have them : paths completely dark at night, my bleeding knee , my damaged pant.. when the owner don't send any proof and had a very late and suspect reaction.
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Old Sep 23rd, 2014, 08:54 AM
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Why go to Venezuela?
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