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mspice Dec 6th, 2009 03:10 AM

trip from Lima to cuzco -machu picchu ending in La Paz
Back packing is the only way to travel in my opinion. You learn culture, socialize with the locals and experience things which never ever happens while iether 5 starring your journey or 1 star. Guest houses fellow travelers and the localas are where the excitement begins.
Nonetheless, I am leaving San Diego December 26 2009 giving myself 30 days to travel from Lima to La Paz. Only plan to stay in Lima maybe two days the rest is plan as I go. I will welcome all suggestions on places to eat sleep and find in spiritual time. Mountains people and things.

mspice Dec 6th, 2009 03:12 AM

I also want to go on the cheap but in distance traveling between cities or destinations a train or bus is cool. Any suggestions.

qwovadis Dec 6th, 2009 04:29 AM

review all info on your countries

you will need a Visa $135 and Yellow Fever jab/certification

mandatory for Bolivia entry.

Best to get before you go. and Grupo Ormeno 2 best buses

Usually do the VIP seats safest from Lima to pisco Paracas

Ballestas Ica Nasca Arequipa/Colca Canyon

Cusco/Manu/Sacred Valley MP then

Puno/Titicaca Copacabana/Isla del Sol/Tiwanaku/La Paz

Buy/read Peru guide...

Lodging based on budget have fun,

Aguadito Dec 6th, 2009 03:56 PM

30 Days not bad you can do it step by step
1 Day. Lima

2 Day. Lima

3 Day. Lima / Paracas 50 kms 4 hrs by bus cruz del sur or Oltursa

4 Day. a.m. Tours to The Ballestas Island
p.m. Paracas / Nasca 3 hrs

5 Day. Overflight to the Nasca Lineas 30'
p.m. Nasca / Arequipa by Oltursa or Cruz del Sur 10 hrs

6 Day. Arequipa

7 Day. Arequipa / Colca Canyon 150 kms = 4 hrs ride

8 Day. a.m. Cruz del COndro
p.m Back to Arequipa

9 Day.- Arequipa / Puno 7 hrs by bus

10 Day. Titticaca Lake

11 Day. Puno / Copacabana 3 hrs / La paz 4 hrs more

12 Day La paz

13 Day. La Paz

14 Day. La Paz / Uyuni
06 days 05 Nights

20 Day. Uyuni / La Paz

21 Day. La Paz / Puno by Tiawanaku

22 Day. Puno / Cusco by bus 8 hrs

23 Day. Cusco

24 Day. Cusco Sacred Valley

25 Day to 28 Day Inca Trail Machupicchu

28 Day. Bsck to Cusco

29 Day Cusco

30 Day. Cusco / Lima / Home
It can do it shorter in La Paz and stay longer in cusco there are many buses on route and cheap one can stay in cheap hostals they are safe and clean
Good Luck

mspice Dec 6th, 2009 09:49 PM

It is once again strange how just as we, meaning us travelers through space time and matter, often think our plans sound fantastic; we bust out the maps talk to other backpackers formulate a plan and then try to stick by it. But it comes as no suprise to me how time and consideration of the value in just finding a reason and the time to go to such a magestic place deserves so much more than just a visit but a balance in seeing all these wonderful things but like so many times before, I find myself extremely content making those plans as they present themselves. So travelers, if I do not pass this semester as a )very poor)med student then the trip is on.6-8 weeks or longere depending on who I meet and which directions the light takes us. ------If htere is someone out there planning a similar trip aoround the same time dec. 25-26 2009 arrive in Lima then from there head south how far couldn't say.
I am still searching for recommendation of cool fairly cheap places to stay at night in hostals or guesthouses? I'd like to think $5-15 a night. Been told to up grade on the longer train trips because of thieves and given greater comfort while on long journeys. Any suggestions???? Hope many will repsond

mlgb Dec 7th, 2009 08:46 AM

I suggest you purchase a Lonely Planet guidebook.

Jeff_Costa_Rica Dec 7th, 2009 08:49 AM

I do hope that you have a guidebook and are at least doing some preliminary research. It sounds romantic to land in a new country and go where the four winds take you, gathering information from fellow travelers along the way. In reality, that's not a terribly efficient way to do things. Not that you have to have an itinerary set in stone with advance reservations, but to have some advance ideas is a smart move. I would never arrive in Puno, for example, without some names of places to stay that I got from my guidebook. Your trip will include the end-of-year holidays, a very busy travel time, not just with foreign visitors but local people as well. Places could be full.

Speaking of advance planning, do you have your visa and yellow fever vaccination for Bolivia yet? Qwovadis mentioned this above. Bolivia requires both. Since you're leaving in two weeks, I doubt you'll have time to get the visa in advance, but Bolivia does issue them at the border. Either way, it's $135. The yellow fever vaccination is mandatory and immunity and validity take effect 10 days after you get the jab. The only alternative is a notarized statement from a physician explaining the medical reason you can't get the vaccination. "The patient does not wish to be immunized and accepts full responsibility for his actions" isn't good enough for Bolivia. It has to be a true medical contraindication. The statement has to be translated into Spanish.

Check the CDC website:

for more info.

I'd also call the Bolivian embassy in Washington just to verify everything you need for entry. Do a Google search to get the phone number. I've found them not to be good about answering E-mails. Call.

crellston Dec 7th, 2009 10:58 PM

1. Do your own initial research using a decent guide book.
2. Come back and ask some specific questions once you have a slightly less vague/surreal idea of where you would like to visit, what you would like to see and do etc.

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