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South American Mix: Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Rio & the Pantanal


Oct 17th, 2017, 06:27 AM
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For all those who have traveled this amazing world we all know that differences of opinions on each and every destination may arise.. we are all different people with different views, which is what makes our world so interesting and unique.

This forum is meant to SHARE travel experiences to best help others with their travels. At times it is helpful to "agree to disagree" or IGNORE certain comments and move on. I have had several complaints of people being offended by comments made in this thread and if they continue we will make adjustments accordingly. The OP is simply sharing an experience here so lets allow that to happen.

I encourage everyone to PLEASE be respectful of eachother..
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Oct 17th, 2017, 09:28 AM
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Thank you all. Unfortunately, I no longer feel comfortable sharing travel experiences / trip reports with the community here. I have asked Fodors to remove this thread. So if that is what SC was going for, so shall it be. If Fodors can't do it, I'll just shut my account down completely and hope that accomplishes the goal. It's regretful because I've been a member here so long and have enjoyed reading all your posts and trip reports as I have enjoyed sharing my own experiences. I love to travel and encourage other people to travel but I'm afraid all the joy I found in travel and sharing experiences has been totally obliterated.
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Oct 17th, 2017, 10:35 AM
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Oh No! I am so sorry to read that. PLEASE don't go.
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Oct 17th, 2017, 10:40 AM
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I would be sorry to see you go, Carrie, and also sorry to see this thread removed (though I'd be happy to see some of the comments deleted). I am going to South America next month, and I got a lot of value from reading your trip report. I hope providing that value to fellow travelers outweighs the negativity brought to the conversation.
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Oct 17th, 2017, 04:49 PM
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CarrieT, you should do what seems best to you -- but FWIW, I think Fodor's would lose a valued voice if you decide to leave us. AFAIK, this thread is the first time you and I crossed paths here, but I found your report interesting and helpful and very well written, and would love to see more of your travels. Best wishes, whatever you decide.
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Oct 17th, 2017, 05:19 PM
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We are too late -- Carrie's profile is gone

Hope SambaChula is sooooooo proud.
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Oct 17th, 2017, 05:28 PM
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Oct 20th, 2017, 05:28 AM
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Carrie - In case you are lurking, I wanted to weigh in about SC's troll-like/bullying behavior. She attacked me and other posters who commented on my Cuba trip report because our family chose to stay in hotels rather than at private guest homes. I am usually unfazed by internet trolls, but I think many of us agree she is a piece of work who posts just to incite and stir things up.

In the meantime, I wanted to thank you for your fantastic trip report - the kind of honest and textured travel writing we need on this forum. Easter Island and the Pantanal are high on my list and I'm sorry I didn't get to both places during my work travels to Chile. Your report also made me appreciative that I visited Machu Picchu back in the day before the crowds - and that we luckily had sunny skies on the days we were there (we were hit by the insane downpours you describe while on the Salcantay trail.) Hope you consider returning to Fodors as a regular poster.
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Oct 20th, 2017, 07:49 PM
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Carrie - fantastic report. I just booked my trip to Machu Picchu today and your narrative and photos have been very helpful. I, too, hope you'll decide to return back to Fodors. You're a truly beautiful and bright lady. Don't let the jerks of the world upset your inner balance. In the greater scheme of things these morons are meaningless.
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