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shandy Jan 11th, 2017 03:19 AM - Jon Green - Any good?
Has anyone had any dealings with this company? The company is run/owned? by Jon Green an ex-pat American. I have read a number of reviews on TripAdvisor which are very complimentary but I would love to hear from some Fodorites as I value their advice much more highly.

I believe that I can arrange for pick up and transportation to and from the hotel I want, both on my arrival and leaving as well as for the two activities that I am interested in - the flight over the Nazca lines and the boat tour for the Ballestas Islands. I would probably stay for 2-3 nights and am thinking of the Hotel Vinas Querido.

If you have other recommendations on how to best do this, please let me know.

mlgb Jan 11th, 2017 11:52 AM

Unless you are attached to that hotel, Why not stay in Paracas itself the first night (there is a full range of hotels) and then move to Nazca the night before.., it's easier to do the overflights from there (one can just go to the airport and ask around, or book the flights in town from a local agent). There are some other sights in Nazca that you can do in the afternoon..the aqueduct and the cemetery are both interesting.

I don't know Mr. Green and am assuming he is a middle man/booking agent. Is that correct?

I used Zarcillo Connections for Ballestas and Paracas Peninsual both pretty good and the daughter was our guide, spoke decent English. They are located at the Cruz del Sur station. They also had a good boat and van. Not all of the other companies equipment looked that great.

shandy Jan 12th, 2017 03:49 AM

mlgb thank you for your response. Your suggestion of staying in Paracas and moving onto Nazca makes sense but as I am already doing a lot of moving around so I am trying to limit any further moves, which is why staying in Ica seemed a good option and I found a hotel there in a vineyard which looks really nice. Mr Green responded to my original email very quickly, answering my questions which is a very good start.

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