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brizzieLizzie Oct 17th, 2016 02:06 PM

Lima stopover
Due to a change in our flight schefule we have an 18 hour stopover in Lima in February but it is the timing that is my problem. We arrive around 17.00 ( 5pm) and leave again next morning at 11 am. (Originally we were scheduled to leave around 2 pm so I had thought to do a 3-4 hour morning tour)

As we probably wont get through immigration until 6 pm and need to be at airport again by 9.30am, I see two options but dont know if they are possible or practical.

A 2-3 hour tour of Lima by night or an early start and a similar 2 hour trip. What are your thoughts and if possible any recommendations for tour companies/ guides that might be able to customise this sightseeing for us.

I have opted to stay at the airport hotel but it seems a shame not to see somthing of Lima.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

mlgb Oct 17th, 2016 02:26 PM

You won't really be able to see much with that schedule, I think an evening tour and dinner in LIma would be better. Traffic will be bad at 6 pm and again in the morning.

What day of the week is this?

I've used on my last two visits for airport transfers..they are also doing drivingtours now. NOt all of their drivers are English fluent. If you want to use them for a tour be sure to indicate that is a requirement.

Or you may find some double decker bus tours that you coulld join, there should be one that does downtown (nice at night) and hgten a visit to the fountains.

Mirabus is running a $30/2special for September/October (leaving from Park Kennedy). NOt sure if the narration is in English. But you do get a great view from hte top deck.

brizzieLizzie Oct 17th, 2016 10:22 PM


Thanks for your links and suggestions. My preference would probably be a night 'tour' and seeing the buildings/ fountains lit up. I have been looking at taxidatum for various transfers so may also ask them what they can offer.

It would be a Wednesday night.

mlgb Oct 18th, 2016 10:31 AM

That would be possible using the the Mirabus tour, The fountains are open on Wednesdays...If you wanted to do that,, I think you should work a 6pm pickup from your airport hotel. Or taxidatum they can drive you around the Plaza de Armas, also to Plaza Bolivar, then drop you at the fountains. YOU would need a little bit of Peruvian cash nuevo soles if you went to the fountains on your own..Taxidatum takes USD in payment. Then you'll want a meeting point after the fountainse.There really aren't any good restaurants nearby.The good thing about using Mirabus in combo with taxidatum is that Mirabus will take you back to Park Kennedy where there are more choices..

There is another double decker bus company that also does a night tour..Turisbus, they leave from Larcomar. I wasn't impressed with their service in Ecuador. I've done MIrabus a few times on my own, just to get the 2nd level perspective..A good way to take photos.

brizzieLizzie Oct 20th, 2016 03:27 AM

Thanks Mlgb. Taxidatum to and from Park Kennedy ( Miraflores?) and take the Mirabus tour from there may be the simplest option .
I am looking at taxidatum as an option for Vuzco/ Ollantayrambo/ Machi Picchu so will add the question to my enquiry.

mlgb Oct 21st, 2016 08:47 AM

You wouldn't use taxidatum for MP..Just to transfer Cusco to Olly typically td prices are competitive, And transparent.

brizzieLizzie Oct 21st, 2016 06:37 PM

Thanks mlgb,

I realise that td would take us to Ollantaytambo where we would catch train to Aguas Calientes then bus to MP site ( although realise my grouping of things may have implied otherwise)

How far in advance did you book your train ticket? Cheching the official website I only see up until December so am thinking I just keep checking back until February comes on line.

Thanks also for your heads up about a PeruRail office at Lima airport. I did not realise the significance until I did sufficient research and the option to pick up prepurchased tickets there.

mlgb Oct 21st, 2016 07:11 PM

I did not go during high season. February I wouldn't worry too much. Once you know what day you'll be arriving I'd go ahead since you can change it with 24 hours notice for a 10% fee. The return times seemed to sell out more than the ones between Olly and MP. I was actually able to change my return with a few hours notice but don't count on that.

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