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Agusta Aug 13th, 2013 04:46 PM

Help in choosing Inkaterra Amazonica versus Posada Amazonas lodge

Has anyone been to one or the other lodge or can you weigh in on a good lodge for the Amazon River Basin near Puerto Maldonado?

We are deciding between Inkaterra Amazonica and Posada Amazonas lodge. The big draw at Inkaterra Amazonica for us is the canopy walk, and we wondered if it is worth the extra money to go to Inkaterra in order to have access to the 1/4 mile canopy walk. Posada has an observation deck that you get to with a harness and ropes. We liked that Posada had mountain biking and swimming in the river. Overall, Posada seemed to have one activity that everyone did each day while Inkaterra had more choices each day.

Would it be crazy to spend 3 days at one and 2 at the other? We don't to spend too much time stuck in Puerto Maldonado waiting for the boat ride to the lodges.

jeanned Sep 1st, 2013 10:07 AM

We visited Inkaterra Amazonica this past July. I would not chose IA because of the canopy walk. We did this walk and it was fine but nothing spectacular (actually my husband and one of my children were terrified the whole time).

We stayed there for 3 nights which was perfect for us. There was a couple who was on the boat with us as we were returning to PM and our boat brought them to their next lodge. If you decide to do this, perhaps this is an option for you although I am thinking that Posada Amazonas is further upstream.

globetrots Sep 10th, 2013 02:26 PM

Inkaterra gets rave reviews and always shows up as one of the best lodges in South America, so I think your overall experience with the service and food will be better too. Here's a detailed review to check out from a well-traveled writers.

But how much that is worth is up to you. Going to both would probably be okay if you could work out the transportation.

Esme_Travels Sep 14th, 2013 06:22 PM


I cannot speak to Inkaterra, but I did stay at Posada Amazonas, and blogged about it at

I enjoyed the experience.

Definitely consider the amount of time/transportation it takes to get to your destination. Posada Amazonas was a bus ride plus a 30-minute boat ride, and that seemed like a lot. I remember thinking that I couldn't imagine what would make the other Rainforest Expeditions property that much better to warrant a 3-hour boat ride.

5 days in the Amazon seems like a bit much, but then I go deep rather than wide because there's usually so much to see (and that is very true for Peru).

Also, the observation deck at Posada Amazonas was great, but not life-changing. I think the most important factor is getting a good guide, and they all seemed good at Posada Amazonas.

- esme

ancientsummit Sep 18th, 2013 05:49 PM

I know both lodges and many others in the area as well. I don't think you can compare Posadas with Inkaterra Reservas as they are two completely different styles and environments. If you want the canopy bridges and want to not splurge on Inkaterra Reserva, the have another propery - Hacienda Concepcion not far away which costs less, is lovely and also affords you the Canopy Bridges. Posadas is part of a group of Lodges run by Rainforest Expeditions. They are a fantastic outfit and probably the most ecological of the bunch. I have visited ALL of their lodges including the Tambopata Research Center which is a much longer journey. Their other Lodge is Refugio Amazonas which is about a longer boat ride but deeper into things. You usually stop there for a night or two on the way down to Tambopata Research Center because the trip to TRC is quite long. Hope this helps. I have not had time to check in on the forums for years but happy to help if I can.

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