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godin Sep 1st, 2015 06:45 AM

Does anyone have experience with Discovery-tours by gate 1,
I am starting to plan a trip to Peru for 4 of us. My friend is celebrating her 50th birhtday. Peu has been on her bucket list for a destination to celebrate it.
She looked at small group tour with discovery-tours by Gate 1.
Has anyone used them in the past. What is your experience with that tour company.

any advise, recommendation, would be greatly appreciated.

1965 Sep 1st, 2015 08:51 AM

We've used Gate 1 twice, once for a land tour/cruise of Greece and Turkey, and once for a Russian riverboat cruise. I would rate them as average. Their trips are definitely no frills, but all the basic needs are met. On the Greece/Turkey trip the land portion was very good. We had a good tour guide, our hotels were comfortable and clean. The cruise portion was pretty bad. Since yours will be a land tour I think you will be fine using them. Trafalgar Tours has always been good for land tours, but they are usually more expensive than Gate 1. You might check them out. If their price is not a whole lot more than Gate 1, I would go with them. We've used Trafalgar 3 times, twice in Great Britain and once in Israel. Good luck, and have a wonderful trip.

crellston Sep 1st, 2015 01:34 PM

I have used Gate 1 but I know they get a lot of positive reviews on TA, probably because they offer incentives to customers who post them. Most of the reviews are VERY similar. Personally, I would not use a company that resorts to such marketing tactics. Refreshing to see the post above as it is a rarity for G1!

It really is very easy to DIY a tour to Peru as it has a well trodden tourist path and a great infrastructure. Many people here will help you build your own trip, probably at a lower cost and a higher quality.

Amy Sep 1st, 2015 06:11 PM

If you do prefer a tour, another one to look at is Overseas Adventure Travel's "Real (sic) Affordable Peru." I took that trip a few years ago--slightly different order--and have since been back to Peru three more times on my own. The OAT trip was quite decent.

godin Sep 4th, 2015 04:21 AM

Thanks everyone for the advise and feedback.
What about Condor travel? It looks like a lot of tour agencies end up subcontracting transportation and group tours to Condor travel?
So far, I have contacted Perutourism, Vamos expeditions, Kuoda travel and Condor Travel.
No news for Vamos expedition.
Kuoda great quick response and info but they are located in Cuzco.
Great quick response from Perutourism, but no a lot of reviews, it seems they subcontract with Condor travel.
Condor travel quick to respond , good rate.. more reviews ont tripadvisor.

Should I trust Condor travel. What else should i ask are look for in an agency?

mlgb Sep 7th, 2015 08:42 PM

What do you hope to achieve using a travel agent? How are they asking you to pay, by wire transfer or by credit card? How much of a deposit do they want?

What is the problem with an agency being located in Cuzco? Wouldn't that make them actually more likely to be there in case of a problem?

Condor is very well known, if not the most well known, agency in Peru. Think of them as the American Express of Peru.

You do know that you can book your own hotels, your own train and flights, and your own guides by email or online? They all have at least one Engish speaking reservations agent.

If you have difficulty procuring MP tickets, ask your hotel.

Kathie Sep 26th, 2015 03:45 PM

We used Totally Latin America to set up our trip to Peru last year. They subcontracted some things (like car and driver to the Sacred Valley) to Condor. You will get the best price and the best service from a local agency.

rmalach Feb 16th, 2016 06:03 PM

I returned 3 weeks ago from Gate1Discovery Gems of Southeast Asia. The accomodations were less than first class and the included meals were generally poor and were always set menus.
The tour director was disengaged and disinterested although local tour guides were quite good. Two prior trips to Peru and Patagonia were much better which is why I booked the 3rd trip. Upon my return my complaints to customer service were not addressed. I wouldn't use them again. Their product has been downgraded.
Small groups are great and the sights and people I met were wonderful but Gate1 does not get credit for this.

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