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BabsB Oct 31st, 2009 06:04 PM

Critique my packing list for my 24 day trip to Peru
We are two 50ish, well travelled gals going to Peru from March 8th to March 31st. Itinerary is:
3-8 Fly from SF to Lima
3-9 Tour Lima
3-10 Paracas
3-11 Ica
3-12 Nazca
3-13 Arequipa
3-14 Arequipa
3-15 Colca Canyon
3-16 Colca Canyon - Arequipa
3-17 Puno
3-18 Uros, Amantani
3-19 Taquile - Puno
3-20 Cusco
3-21 Pisac
3-22 Maras, Moray, Salineras , Olly
3-23 Olly - Aguas Calientes
3-24 Machu Picchu - Aguas Calientes
3-25 Cusco
3-26 Cusco
3-27 Posada Amazonas
3-28 Posada Amazonas
3-29 Posada Amazonas
3-30 Posada Amazonas, Lima
3-31 Fly home

I am carrying a Osprey Porter 46 back pack with detachable day pack. I'm also thinking about taking a purse/camera bag for city days. My friend has a Ebags Weekender convertible back pack and a purse. Here is what I am taking. Is it too little, too much or just right? My goal is 20 pounds but realistically I think it will be more like 22 or 23 pounds, which seems heavy.

2 pairs travel pants
1 pair capri's OR my favorite jeans (quandry)
4 technical fiber short sleeve tops
1 technical fiber long sleeve top
1 Royal Robbin light weight long sleeve safari type shirt
1 medium weight 1/4 zip pull over fleece
1 Columbia mid weight jacket
1 Marmot rain jacket in pouch
1 REI rain pants in pouch
bug repellent bandana
light weight gloves
Keen shoes
Merrell low cut hiking shoes
swim suit
1 pair long underwear - top & bottom - for sleeping or cold days
1 pair shorts to wear for sleeping with one of the t-shirts if hot or with swim suit
4-5 undies & socks
1 bra

The ususal assortment of toiletries and first aid supplies including maleria meds
Binoculars (Colca Canyon and Amazon)
2 cameras and chargers, one point and shoot and one SLR (I'm jinxed - have to take two as I always have some kind of problem or another!)
Iphone with audiobooks, Skype, alarm clock, itinerary, etc. (Can't leave home without it)
Headlamp, guide book, security pouch with important stuff in it.

Let me know what your think. Thanks!

crellston Nov 1st, 2009 01:59 AM

It has been said many times before -”Lay out all the stuff you want to take, throw away half but take twice the money”. This advice is spot on! Tempting though it is to take everything you may need, carrying a heavy backpack around can become a real pain after a while. You can cut the "apparent" weight of your backpack just by choosing one that fits YOU and making sure that the straps ensure teh weight is rsting mostly on your hip rather than your shoulders.
-Take loads of memory for your camera (or maybe one of those ables that allows you to download to your ipod.

Didn't know you could use skype on an Iphone - would be interested to learn more about it?

As a 50 something male, I hestitae to comment the contents of a lady's backpack but after backpacking with my wfe for a year in 2008 I did pick up a few tips.

Your list seems basically sound but I do have a few comments (I am sure other will add more).
- Lose the jeans. They are just not suitable for travel. If they get wet they will be really uncomfortable and hard to dry. Likewise, they are not practical in the heat.
- We managed for a year in all climates without rain pants and jackets - a waterproof jacket will be fine or maybe buy an umbrella if needed.
- Keens are great shoes - don't leave home without them!
- Merrells are comfortable but mine fell to bits after a couple of months.
- Consider getting some Keen trekking sandals (even wear them with socks for hiking).
-Remember that shoes are the heaviest items you will pack.
- Take a money belt rather than a security pouch - harder to see and steal

BabsB Nov 1st, 2009 11:02 AM

Thanks for the feed back. You can use Skype on your Iphone if you have access to wifi. Skype to Skype is free so my family has it on our computer and their Iphones so we can stay in contact. All I have to do is find wifi! I can also call on Skype from my Iphone to any number at a very inexpensive rate. You have to buy credits to do this. Check your apps.

I think I agree about the jeans, as I said it was a quandry. Since we are going in the rainy season, I will probably leave at home.

I like the idea of a money belt but where do you put your passport, credit cards and ATM cards?

Huentetu Nov 1st, 2009 11:17 AM

I would not ditch the rain gear. If it is good quality it weighs practically nothing.
I like these for passport and money:
If you are going to be doing any long day treks, invest in some trekking socks. I would up the socks to 6 pairs anyway and add a second bra (unless you only wear one for special occasions!). Dry clothes are important. Zip lock bags essential.
Flip flops for using in showers, as slippers. Very lightweight.

BabsB Nov 1st, 2009 01:41 PM

That is the security pouch I have! I have some hiking socks, very comfy. I guess I should add a second bra though if I wash it in the evening it should be dry in the morning and I'm not likely to go off and leave it hanging somewhere! I'm taking the marmot rain jacket and rain pants for the reason you mentioned, dry clothes are important. Especially when you are going for as long as we are and in the rainy season. If we weren't moving from place to place so frequently, I wouldn't worry so much. Clothes would have time to hang and dry or get laundered, but we are moving along at a pretty good pace.

Yes, Zip locks and flip flops would be good. We are going to several hot spas so flip flops would be handy. I don't think hiking boots with my cute swim suit is the style I am looking for!

Axel2DP Nov 1st, 2009 06:27 PM

You can keep the passport and credit cards, ATM cards in your money belt. Find one with some sort of plastic lining inside so that your sweat doesn't ruin the content inside. Personally, I don't find wearing the money belt around my waist/ hip to be comfortable at all. I hate it. I keep my money belt in my camera backpack which can only be open when the bag is rotate to the front of my body.

Do you have anything that needs to be plug into an outlet for charging, i.e. the batteries for your DSLR? If you do then make sure you have the necessary outlet adapter.

crellston Nov 3rd, 2009 12:26 AM

I really like the idea of the pouch that Huentu posted the link to - looks a lot easier to access than an a moneybelt. I agree with axel that a money belt is not he most comfortable thing to wear but I would never keep it in a bag. Bags are sometimes taken off and, if only for a few seconds, it gives the thief the opportunity they need. At least with a moneybelt or the aforementioned pouch, it is always on your person.

I am sure its a given, but I couldn't see a mention of sun cream. At those altitudes the sun is REALLY intense take a high factor cream for your face & arms. Also, even though its the rainy season I would take a good pair of sunglasses.

Thanks for the info on the iPhone. Together with the security pouch, thats my xmas list sorted!!

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