Cell phone in Buenos Aires


Oct 15th, 2012, 09:08 AM
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Cell phone in Buenos Aires

I will be in Buenos Aires for 2 week in late nov-early dec.
Does anyone know how to get a cell phone that I can use just for those 2 weeks?
Not sure if it would be renting one or buy a disposable (?) one. My Iphone 4 is not international so I would have to rent an Iphone 4s or 5 from Verizon here in the US & pay a fee, etc.
Since I won't really need to make int'l calls, I figured a local cell phone willprob be better.
A smart phone with internet & apps would be even better, but I don't know if those are available for rent there?
Any info would be appreciated.,

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Oct 15th, 2012, 11:05 AM
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You can buy a cheap ($30) unlocked GSM handset in the States and take it to Buenos Aires and then buy a SIM card for it. But you might want to take your iPhone anyway as there is lots of free wifi in BA and you could use it when you have a wi-fi signal for email/internet/etc. Also if you have a Skype account the mobile Skype is a great app. I purchased some Long Distance credits for Mobile Skype which made it a fully functioning phone when I had wi-fi.

(or it's a good excuse to upgrade to the iPhone 5!!)
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Oct 15th, 2012, 05:03 PM
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I called verizon & basically its $30 for a rental so thats not bad, sending txts is 50 cents & receiving is 5 cents so not too bad. I def want to have internet for emails etc & i need the Fodor app & fb of course!
I would upgrade to a 5 but i'm not due for an upgrade yet

Anyway tx for the skype info as well, good to know!
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Oct 19th, 2012, 08:29 PM
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As mentioned, for voice calls, just buy a cheap one in the US on ebay, amazon, etc. Then get a sim there. Take your iphone in case there is free WiFi. There are several free VOIP apps, including skype that you can use for calls.
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