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cmp6e Mar 26th, 2010 04:32 PM

Carrying my Camera on the Inca Trail

I have a Nikon D90 that I am planning on taking to Peru this summer. I'm hiking the Inca trail, but I'm not sure about the best way to carry my camera during the trek. I don't want to keep my camera in my backpack, because I would like it to be easily accessible. At the same time, I need it to be safe as I hike.

Does anyone have suggestions for good camera bags that I can carry easily in addition to my trekking pack? I'd also like it to be versatile enough that I can carry my camera in it for the rest of the trip while sightseeing.

What have other people used to take their DSLR on the trail?

As a side note - any suggestions for lightweight travel/trekking tripods?

Thank you!

Axel2DP Mar 27th, 2010 10:08 AM

I carried my Canon 5D MarkII with me on the Inca Trail hike last October. I had a trekking bag on my back, and then a Tamrac front-loaded bag on my chest that I hooked up to my trekking bag using those mountain clips thing. It was a struggle for me because I was new to hiking in general, and I didn't know how to pack. My getup felt easy enough walking around at home but once on the trail the weight of everything became too much, and I was really slowed down by it. On my last day of the trek I just fork out some extra money to have a porter carry my trekking bag, and I only had to deal with my camera bag. It was so much easier.

My advice is to pay extra to have the porter carry your main trekking bag for you from day 1, and you will then only have to deal with your camera bag. I saw 1 or 2 other people on the trail with DSLR also. They only carry their camera backpack, and I assumed they had porters carried the rest of their stuffs.

Axel2DP Mar 29th, 2010 09:27 AM


Actually if you're an experienced hiker, which it looked like you are, and are used to carrying your bags on your back then you should be fine carrying your own bag. Get a camera bag that's just big enough to hold your DSLR and an all purpose zoom lens. You won't have much time to change lenses, so it's better to use just one, although sometimes having a wide angle would be very nice though. Remove the strap from the bag and then use hiking clips to clip the camera bag to your backpack. The camera bag will be in front of you. That way you'll always have easy acess to it. Make sure it's water proof in case of rain. Good luck and have a great time.

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