Brazilian ATMS are impossible--be forewarned

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Brazilian ATMS are impossible--be forewarned

Most ATMs in Brazil will not accept your bank cards for cash. This is a constant problem that I have experienced and I come here often. Even if your card carries the PLUS logo or the Cirrus Logo, do not assume they will give you cash.

I am told and I am waiting to find out if you have a debt card with the VISA symbol that it will work.

Most ATMs will give you an error message that your request is declined due to your car\d issues lack of authority. This is utter Bull Sh+t as we all know. I have used my card in China, Argentina, all over Europe, Turkey without problems but only in Brazil do I consistently run into these problems.

Bring cash in Rias is my advice. Even airport ATMS will not work for your debt card and you will find yourself in a constant state of panic. Further do not believe what you read on some of these sites like Fodors as it is not accurate information.

I was here for a conference in August and all of the international delegates were in a state of panic of not being able to get cash. The only option which does not always work is for a CASH ADVANCE against your credit card which means very steep interest payments on your entire balance. Avoid that at all costs unless you are desperate. I have been desperate and forced to make 2 cash advances thus far. My only option.

Otherwise Credit cards are widely accepted at most stores, restaurants, etc.
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Once I tracked down the ATMs in Rio airport only one of three worked, plus I was told later that they were a security risk. However, I had no trouble getting money from the ATM in the Marriott hotel on Copacabana beach (I wasn't staying there, just walked in and found the ATM near the restrooms). Usually I look for a bank with an ATM inside, but the hotel was more convenient. I was using a Capital One ATM/debit card with a Mastercard logo.

Not sure what inaccurate info you are talking about. My info is entirely accurate, but a bit dated - I was there in October 2012.
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Although ATMs display logos of the networks that does not mean they are linked to that network. Bizarre but true. When we were having problems I got in contact with my bank who emailed me a link to a MasterCard website where I just input my location and it showed all ATMs in the vicinity that WOULD accept my card. VISA also have this facility. Probably no help now but You could try this for your next trip
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ATMS in Brazil SUCK! We were there last year and even though I had notified all my banks and credit card companies, if I could even get money it would only allow US $100 at a time. We were in Arrial D'Ajuda and I must have gone to every ATM 5 times in one night trying to get money for dinner. It was insane. Also my bank told me to not use the ATMs at Rio or Salvador airports - that they automatically flag as compromised. For a developing country, there is still a lot of development to go!
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I have used a visa debit card in Brazil many times and I've never had problems. I've occasionally had problems in the US where for some reason the withdrawal facility wouldn't work.
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We also have a visa debit card and trying to use it for purchasing goods or at ATMs was pretty impossible. I think we ended up using our back up MasterCard!
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My Visa debit card worked at GRU in 2012, but the same card did not work in 2013.
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It's crazy if you take into consideration, that Brazil is a developed country.
Take several cards with you and try all ATMs. There many at the airport and you will find some that are called "Travellers Money" or like that. Try them, it should be possible
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I walked to the JW Marriott to use the machine there but it has been removed.

I found out that many of the private ATM machines, the ones found in hotel lobbies, usually work but the official bank machines do not. I went to Banco do Brazil, machines would not work for me so I went inside and waited an hour but there was nothing they could do either.

So look for the private ATMs (which charge about 12R for a withdrawal) or use cash advances off one of your credit cards.

This is absolutely nuts of the banking system here. I simply do not understand it. Only in Brazil.
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One hotel with a private ATM is the Copabanana Palace. I think the Royal Tulip had one too but it was empty of cash when I went there.

Also the Sheraton but the one in Barra.
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