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aimeetheawright Jul 8th, 2016 09:38 PM

6-7 weeks to Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador - Price??
Hello! My partner and I are really interested in doing a 6-7 week trip to Bolivia, Peru & Ecuador around April 2017.

I've done a lot of research online but finding heaps of conflicting info!

This is the type of activity i'd love to do: hiking, visiting ancient sites, camping, experiencing the jungle & wildlife, visiting rural communities, cultural experiences (like traditional markets, visiting a shaman, etc). I'm not so interested in spending a lot of time in capital cities visiting basilicas or fine dining or anything.. although want to definitely visit these cities briefly. I love nature and want to be able to experience the best of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador's culture and wildlife. I'm looking mostly to camp, stay in budget hostels or with local families if possible.. I'd also love to do some kind of wildlife volunteering. I want a real proper break from city/Sydney life to see/experience something completely different!

Anyone have any suggestions on how many Australian dollars I should look to save for a trip like this, not including airfares? Once i know how much I need to save, I can really get the ball rolling... (uni student over here!) I was thinking around $5000... is this too much/too little?! I don't know!

Thanks!!! :D
Sincerely, someone who hasn't been on a holiday in 5 years and has no idea what to do!

thursdaysd Jul 9th, 2016 07:28 AM

See and similar.

I use for exchange rates.

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