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Sambat Oct 30th, 2009 04:17 PM

17 days in Peru in December- Rough Itinerary -Feedback appreciated
My husband and I (Late 20’s/early 30’s) will be spending 17 day in Peru this December. We are far more interested in taking the time to truly appreciate where we are then trying to cram in more than we can take in. In past travels I have always enjoyed small towns and villages more than big cities. I tried to keep a gradual increase in altitude in mind while planning.

Currently we have our tickets in and out of Peru everything else is flexible.

Dec 12th –11pm arrive in Lima
Dec 13th – early flight to Araquipa
Dec 14th Araquipa
Dec 15th Araquipa (possible night bus to Cusco?)

Dec 16th early flight to Cusco?
Dec 16th-22nd Cusco and the Sacred Valley (too much time?)
We would like to spend two days at MP (we will not be trecking) which would mean two nights in Aguas Calientes. Other than that, our Sacred Valley itinerary is not set.

Dec 23rd- fly or take train from Cusco to Puno
Dec 24th –25th Cultural Exchange Uros - Amantani – Taquile
with All Ways Travel a socially responsible tour group

Dec 26th Puno or depart from Puno to??

Dec 27th ???
We were thinking it would be nice to end the trip somewhere warm and relaxing and soak in some sun before returning home to the grey skies and rain of the Pacific NW
Maybe a beach town on the Way to Lima?

Dec 28th-Lima
Dec 29h –1am fly out of Lima

We know it will be rainy season, which we don’t mind (although, I would love to visit Colca Canyon I hear the roads are too dangerous this time of year, has anyone been in December?)

Thank you for your input and advice!

Elizabeth_S Oct 31st, 2009 04:58 AM

We spent a similar amount of time for the Cusco/SV/Puno portion of your trip - here was our itinerary

Days 1 - 4 Ollantaytambo - day trips to SV sites
Days 5-6 Machu Picchu
Days 7-9 Cusco
Day 10 Puno
Day 11 Amantani
Day 12 Puno
Day 13 Lima

We preferred the SV to Cusco so could have shaved a day off of Cusco - really loved Ollantaytambo and the day trips from there and the night on Amantani was one of the highlights of the trip.

Here's a link to our blog to get a sense of the itinerary

Re Amantani trip - your itinerary indicates it is 2 nights (over Christmas - how fun) - but the link you sent indicates a one night trip (which is standard I think)

Re beach - can't help there but if I had our trip to do over again I would have gone to the Nazca Lines as we departed through Lima.

qwovadis Oct 31st, 2009 06:39 AM

Think I got you on another forum but

I did this trip Dec/Jan 2009 Colca was fine

no major rain the whole trip few TS PM in Cusco

MP fog early AM light rain off and on not bad nice ocean front hotel

in Barranco artsy area of Greater Lima

Took acetazolamida to prevent Altitude Illness

Did the VIP seats to

Paracas(Ballestas) Nasca(Lines) Arequipa(Colca)

Chivay to Puno(Titicaca) overnite Puno Cusco/Manu/MP/SV

Was great no backtracking..

Sambat Oct 31st, 2009 11:21 AM

Thanks everyone,
That is very helpful!

Elizabeth- great blog, I really like the idea of starting in Ollantaytambo did you just fly into Cusco and then hop on a bus there?

Re Amantani trip- yes it is a one night, two day trip
I figured we would spend the next night in Puno and depart the morning of the 26th, but looking at it again since we would get back to Puno at 5pm we could probaby move on that evening.
Did you do your Amantani trip through an agency or just catch a boat on the docks? I'm glad to hear that Amantani was a highlight of your trip, people have been trying to discourage me from going to Lake T, but it seems to mostly be people who just did Uros & Taquile.

Elizabeth_S Oct 31st, 2009 11:30 AM

We had a driver/guide (David Choque) who picked us up in Cusco and drove us to Ollanta but there are lots of very reliable/safe (cheaper) options including local buses. If you search here (or on Thorntree) you'll get an idea of price.

Really recommend Hotel Sauce in Ollanta - 6 rooms of which 3 have a great view of the ruins.

Re Amantani - again the same guide organized it for us but that tour operator you posted looks good.

As much as we loved Machu Picchu (and believe me we did) in some ways our most vivid memories are of Amantani - a bit of a crap shoot for some I guess - the family we stayed with were lovely, we had a fabulous time at the party (we were the only "tourists") - I think in many ways we were just in the "zone".


Elizabeth_S Oct 31st, 2009 11:38 AM

This is the link to the Amantani portion of the blog - I'm not sure if the above link includes it.

crellston Nov 3rd, 2009 01:08 AM

We spent a couple of months in Peru last year and visited many of the places you mention (albeit in a different order).

our blog:
Peru starts from entry 56.

Our least favourite places were Aquas Calientes ( a charmless place with mostly awful hotels and restaurants with doubtful hygiene standards!) and Lima which was ok but we just didn't find it that enthralling.

I found one day for MP was enough as most people seem to aim for a dawn start and by lunchtime have seen enough and there is not a great deal else in AC to do.

Olly is a great place to base yourself in the sacred valley and you can get to see an awful lot in a day. Dont miss Pisac (I am probably in a minority but I preferred it to MP). Chinchero is also a great place particularly at sunset.
Rent a car and driver for the day but bargain hard and get the price written down. Starting off in Olly and then going to Cusco is a great idea if only to help with AMS. I was badly effected by the altitude but my wife was not. If you do go there first, I would recommend staying in a place that has oxygen as this will really help if ou are effected.

We liked Lake T. Yes it is touristy in places but still amazing. The bus trips from Cusco and to Arequipa went through some incredible scenery so I would always go by bus where time allows.

Have fun, its a great place to visit.

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