Going to Nevada - how many cash do I need?

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Going to Nevada - how many cash do I need?

I am going to visit Nevada for the first time in my life. I've heard that it's not too expensive place to travel. How many cash do I need to take for a week? Including rented apartment, food, some entertainment etc. I also have a mastercard but there is not much left. Maybe if you know some exchange places in Nevada or some kind of easy loan services there let me know pls.
Any advice would be glad to see. Thanks
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You really haven’t provided enough information for anyone to give you a meaningful answer. The amount of money you’ll need depends on a great many factors but first we need to know where in Nevada and when you plan to visit?

As for how much the rent will be for an apartment depends on which city or town you visit, it’s size (studio, one bedroom, multiple bedrooms, etc.) location (in the city center, on the outskirts of town, in the suburbs, close to transportation, minimalistic, mid-range, luxury) - by the way do you really need an apartment or will a room in a motel/hotel suffice? An easy way to estimate the cost of accommodations is to do an internet search using such topics as: “Vacation apartment rentals in NAME OF CITY” or “Hotels in NAME OF CITY”. Doing so will give you scores of links where you can enter your required parameters to find costs.

Likewise, how much you’ll spend for meals depends on whether you plan to eat all your meals in restaurants or if you are willing to prepare some meals yourself. If eating out, what type of restaurants you’ll frequent- fast food, diners, coffee shops, mid-range, high-end dining, etc., whether you’ll have multi-course meals with alcoholic drinks or wine or just a sandwich or entree and a soft drink. You didn’t say where you now live but a good rule of thumb to come up with a food budget is to estimate what it will cost you to eat the same number of meals at the same type of restaurants where you now live. Add 25% to that number and you’ll have a workable food budget that will allow you to have a good variety of meals and probably have a little money left over at the end of you trip.

Not sure what you mean by “exchange places” - do you mean a place where you can exchange foreign currency into US dollars? If so, you’ll get a better exchange rate if you change your money at a major bank in your hometown before you leave on your trip rather than going to one of the major currency exchange companies commonly found in airports and many major cities. You can also get very favorable exchange rates using a debit card at ATM’s at major banks in the city/town you visit (NOTE: Avoid withdrawing cash from non-bank ATM’s as they are notorious for charging high fees and giving very poor exchange rates.

As for finding an “easy loan service” company you are going to find that fairly difficult and a costly way to borrow money. While there are places that make what are called “payday loans” or “car title loans” you’ll have to pledge your next paycheck or title to your car. If you use a pawn shop you’ll have to put up some kind of collateral (with a value that exceeds that amount you plan to borrow) and prove you have the financial means to repay the loan. In all of these cases, the company will charge you very high rates of interest and you’ll have to repay the debt fairly quickly.

I gather from the tone of your questions that you have limited access to cash and a limited budget for this trip. If that assumption is correct it would help if you gave us some idea of how much money you have available to spend on this trip. That way responders here can tell you if it is even feasible to make such a trip and keep your spending within your budget.
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This must be a joke. NV isn't any cheaper than most other places, most expenses depend on what you, personally, choose to spend and buy. Barring unusual exceptions like NYC for hotels and things like that.

Sounds like you are foreign and don't know what you are doing. You don't travel to anyplace with cash.

And you don't take trivial road trips in the middle of a pandemic.
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. . . The OP is a 1 and done a month ago . . . I doubt it was a serious question
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