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Guditta Jan 30th, 2020 05:12 AM

9-day road trip from Vancouver to Calgary

We are a group of around 10-12ppl who are travelling to Vancouver this June for an Alaska cruise. We're arriving 10 days before and would like to rent a van and drive up Whistler then on to Jasper/Banff/Icefield Parkway, then fly back to Vancouver from Calgary so we'll leave the van in Calgary.

We're not sure which route would be best to take and which locations are worth stopping for a night or two along the way.

Not all of us can go trekking so we're excluding trekking trips and we're booking hotels and restaurants at each location we decide to visit.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


tomfuller Jan 30th, 2020 02:16 PM

Not sure about Canada but in the US you need a CDL or chauffeur license to drive a van/bus with more than 8 passengers. The ViaRail Canadian runs 3 days a week from Vancouver to Jasper if that would help.
Most of the rental places do not like one way rentals on vans and other large vehicles.

sludick Jan 30th, 2020 03:34 PM

To piggyback on tumfuller's comments - you would need two vehicles. And it would be better to fly into Calgary and drive to Vancouver, if you must do one-way - if that is even possible. Also, if you are going to be in the Canadian Rockies, you might as well skip Whistler.

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