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  • Favorite destinations
    New zealand, Palau, France, Brazil, Greece
  • Destination wishlist
    France, Argentina, Iceland, Alaska, Moscow, Hawaii, Tahiti, Easter Islands, and any addiitonal remote islands I've never heard of
  • Best travel tip
    Something will go wrong - embrace it and remember to have fun on your adventure
  • Favorite hotel
    Hut on the top of the Mt Cook track in NZ
  • Favorite restaurant
    Cordelia in Tel Aviv
  • Never travels without
    Some sort of plan
  • All-time best travel moment
    Feeling on top of the world above Lake Benmore in New Zealand. It's a man made lake created to build a water powered plant- but has also created the most surreal and beautiful setting ever. We climbed the hill, were surrounded by turquoise lakes, green pine trees, warm sunlight, mountains in the distance- and no one around. Complete joy.
  • Interests and hobbies
    Ancient french music, anything french really, travel (duh), tech stuff, physics, math, reading fantasy fiction,...
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