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  • Last trip
    Nice, Cuneo, San Remo, Genoa and Stuttgart
  • Next trip
    Italy, again!
  • Favorite destinations
    Italy, Portugal
  • Destination wishlist
    Italy, Italy and Italy... and if I could afford to do it right, a Kenya Safari and Vietnam
  • Best travel tip
    You bring it, you sling it!
  • Favorite hotel
    The Warwick, NY
  • Favorite restaurant
    LaLibera, Alba and Lupo, Genoa-Italy
  • Never travels without
    Inflatable wine sacs to bring home the goods!
  • All-time best travel moment
    Lunch at La Libera in Alba Italy, this year, when I discovered my heart can still feel...
  • Interests and hobbies
    Background in the wine and equine industries so I have an obvious love for good food (cooking,too!), wine and horses. Antiques, art, music and discovering are high on my list.
  • Quote
    "Two roads diverged within a wood, and I choose the one less travelled" Robert Frost-American Poet Lauret
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