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  • Last trip
  • Next trip
    Greek Isles and Turkey, again
  • Favorite destinations
    Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Hungary,the UK, France, Portugal, Sicily, Italy, Arizona, Puerto Rico
  • Destination wishlist
    Iceland, Norway, Vietnam, Israel, Scotland, A trip around the world!
  • Best travel tip
    Buy/take clothes to leave behind as you travel so your bags contain new items for home. The Bulgarian cook pot of ceramic, is one of my favorite things, as is the enormous bread board from Germany!
  • Favorite hotel
    Modica, Sicily, tiny B&B
  • Favorite restaurant
    Tavern on the Green, sadly closed
  • Never travels without
    a reservation for a car to better see and experience the country! And, take a battery charger for the car and the hotel. I take thousands of photos each trip and truly use batteries! Engage the people...I always learn something!
  • All-time best travel moment
    Having lunch with my DH, lunch packed by the hotel in Chengdu, and eating our picnic on the Great Wall of China! We were alone, isolated, and it was magical!
  • Interests and hobbies
    Oil Painter! I am developing a series of large paintings of my favorite places in our travels. I immerse myself in a country, recreate the foods we've eaten, pour over photos, and paint with all those feelings and memories revisited!
  • Quote
    Go Forth Confidently! Dare to live the life you've imagined!
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