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  • Last trip
  • Next trip
    Monterey and San Francisco
  • Favorite destinations
    Cities, where I can walk, and walk, and that have decent coffee and wine.
  • Destination wishlist
    More Spain, please. Also, Provence and the Netherlands. Guatemala, Ecuador, Argentina, Uraguay and Chile.
  • Best travel tip
    You don't need all those shoes. Really.

    Drink the wine while you are there.
  • Favorite hotel
    Don't like hotels.
  • Never travels without
    An electric kettle.
  • Interests and hobbies
    Writing; cooking. Reading mystery novels or history.
  • Quote
    "...These places in my dreams... may be mountain paths or swamps or jungles, it doesn't matter: I know that I am on a certain corner in Buenos Aires. I try to find my way."
    - "Nightmares", SEVEN NIGHTS, Borges, Jorge Luis.
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