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Ken Dec 25th, 2002 03:53 PM

What to do in six days in C.R.?
Happy Holidays Everyone,<BR><BR>My wife and I are going to Costa Rica the first week in March.<BR>We arrive early Monday morning and will leave the next Sunday, so we really only have 6 days to look around.<BR><BR>Do you think we can see the Monteverde area and the Manuel Antonio area in 6 days? Monday-Wed in Monteverde; Wednesday travel to M.A. to Saturday; then San Jose for Saturday OR should we just spend the entire six days at one of these places. <BR><BR>Thanks for your advice.<BR><BR>Ken<BR>

Iza Dec 26th, 2002 01:49 PM

I think you have a good plan with visiting 2 places in 6 days. 2 nights at Monteverde and 3-4 nights at Manuel Antonio are definitely doable and will give you a good opportunity to see 2 different eco-systems in Costa Rica.<BR><BR>Of course, if you prefer just to relax and not drive around, then spending 6 days at a beach destation like Manuel Antonio is great too. It really depends on what you like to do. I would not spend the entire 6 days at Monteverde though.

Jay Weinstein Dec 26th, 2002 06:48 PM

Iza,<BR>You were so helpful to me in planning my trip to Costa Rica. And I see how helpful you are to others in planning their trips to C.R. How have you come to be so knowledgeable about Costa Rica? What do you do for a living?<BR>Jay

Iza Dec 27th, 2002 01:41 PM

Jay, thanks for your nice comments. I am just a regular traveller, like most of us here on this board (I am an attorney in real life, but who cares). My family and I travelled to Costa Rica a couple of times and really fell in love with that beautiful country (we have our next trip to CR all planned but not sure when we'll be able to do it!). I did tons of research before our trips and then made a lot of mental notes while there. So now I can actually relay my experiences and help others here since I have gotten a lot of responses on this board to my questions too.

Jay Weinstein Dec 27th, 2002 02:37 PM

Iza,<BR>I did a fair amount of research myself in planning my trip to Costa Rica. To me, doing the research was half the fun. There are so many questions on Costa Rica minutiae on this site that you (and Diane, Terri, Ally, ALF, Scott, etc.) are able to answer that obviously many of you have spent substantial periods of time in Costa Rica over many years. Is it that you travel a great deal all over the world and Costa Rica is a favorite destination or are you foregoing other destinations and concentrating on Costa Rica because you love it so much? I'm just curious.<BR><BR>I am thinking about traveling to Roatan for my next vacation because of my love for scuba diving and because it would be so inexpensive. As much as I loved Costa Rica, and I enjoyed my trip there a great deal, unless I am able to spend more of my time traveling, I will probably explore other parts of the world before returning there. I hope that some day my traveling exploits will progress to the point where Costa Rica becomes a favorite destination, not just another small sample of the world.

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