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Allie Jan 1st, 2001 05:03 AM

What are the best things to bring back from colonial Mexico?
What are your favorite things to bring back from Mexico, especially from the colonial cities? We will be visiting Oaxaca, Guanahuato and San Miguel de Allende in February and wondered what would be the best souvenirs or gifts to look for. <BR> <BR>

Mariarosa Jan 1st, 2001 07:00 AM

Hi Allie! Guanajuato and San Miguel are not too far from either Taxco, Guadalajara or Puebla. Taxco is famous for silver and Guadalajara has nice glassware and leather goods. Puebla has Talavera pottery. Oaxaca has black pottery among other crafts. Artisans are everywhere in Mexico so you will find all kinds of handicrafts: pottery, jewelry, glassware, leather goods, etc. <BR> <BR>I'm curiuos...are you traveling on your own? By car? By bus? Are you taking a tour?

Allie Jan 1st, 2001 07:40 AM

Hi Mariarosa <BR> <BR>Thnks for replying. We are flying to Mexico city and from there to Oaxaca. After that we fly back to Mexcio City and intend driving to Guanajuato and San Miguel. So the flights will limit what we can buy and carry round with us.

A. Boniwell Jan 2nd, 2001 03:50 AM

San Miguel de Allende is crammed with craft shops offering everything. If you are going in the post-Christmas period, I find the gaily-painted creches delightful. These are called "Nascimientos". They come in all sizes from large to minute. The smaller ones can be found for $5-6. I have a great weakness for Talavera pottery, most of which is made in Dolores Hidalgo, which is 31 miles from Guanjuato and 25 miles from San Miguel. <BR>On the outskirts of town there is a fabulous pottery "San Gabriel Ceramica", with a very good selection of everything in Talavera at reasonable prices. Take plenty of bubble pack.

Susan Jan 2nd, 2001 05:03 AM

Those are great areas to visit! Over the years we've bought many wonderful items in Mexico and our house reflects our travels there. Oaxaca is surrounded by villages that specialize in different crafts (black pottery as mentioned in another post, weavings, etc.) and it's fun to visit some of the villages. You'll have a great trip!

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