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phillybob Mar 10th, 2001 12:04 AM

Verana in Yelapa (Puerto Vallarta)
Has anyone stayed at this place (Verana) in Yelapa (south of Puerto Vallarta)?

jim Mar 10th, 2001 08:22 AM

We were in pv a couple of weeks ago. A lady staying at our condo was going there for a couple of days. What I gather about the place is it is very basic. Yelapa is isolated. I went there on a boat trip and it seems to be just a few shacks on the beach. I think that is what you would be getting. If that is what you want then have fun. Jim

Richard Mar 10th, 2001 08:25 AM

Jim is right, a very simple setting with a few shacks on the beach. If you're looking for a more substantial resort in the area, about 20 minutes north of Yelapa, look into Majahuitas resort at <BR> <BR>Richard

phillybob Mar 15th, 2001 11:19 AM

Has anyone STAYED at or VISITED Verana? <BR> <BR>We are aware that the area is very basic and that is what we seek (during the bulk of our time when we will not be staying downtown in Puerto Vallarta) ... just sun and solitude (we can beach, kayak, hike, take a bike trip, lounge by the pool, etc.). However, Verana's website makes it seem like an oasis of (basic) luxury just above the village ...

dan Mar 17th, 2001 08:42 AM


JRinPV Mar 19th, 2001 11:40 AM

There are some very upscale places to stay in Yelapa but the, one time tourist, visitor will probably not know them. GoTo: <BR> <BR>and you will find info on Yelapa and also a link to accomadations. <BR>Hasta, <BR>JR

hattie Mar 21st, 2001 11:35 AM

Also, will be in yelapa this spring. I prefer to rent a private house. Just the fact that Verana forces you to eat breakfast and dinner there(included in the price)is reason enough to stay away. Also, check out how much they charge for the boat trip and airport transfer (ONE way) If you are a traveler who must have a blowdryer, they do have generated electricity for a portion of the day. if you've got plenty of money and like to "play poor" just might be your kind of place.

phillybob Mar 21st, 2001 06:26 PM

The trip to Verana is for our honeymoon, and we would like to be waited on somewhat (which is part of why we are not renting a villa, etc.). We also like the separateness of the "bungalows" but do like having a few other people around when we are in a place totally new and different for us. <BR> <BR>Breakfast and dinner included in the price of the room for my fiance and I is $250 per nite, which is pretty much what we would have paid at a place like Camino Real, without any meals included. I'm sure we won't eat all of these included meals, and we will venture out to local places for some of our breakfasts and dinner (and all lunches, I suppose). <BR> <BR>The boat trip/airport transfer are included in the price. <BR> <BR>We do not use blowdryers and electricity, in general, is not is what attracts us to this place. <BR> <BR>And as far as your statement: "if you've got plenty of money and like to 'play poor' just might be your kind of place." Get a life. This is our honeymoon. In the future, assuming we re-visit, it might likely be with less expensive spending. <BR>

C HAZEN Mar 26th, 2001 12:33 PM

wHEN ARE U PLANNING ON GOING? Stayed at <BR>Majahuitas which is on the way to Yelapa and loved it. There is 7 individual casitas all with view of ocean. check out the diffent world website for great pictures plus their own website. We did the day trip to Yelapa and rode (horses/donkeys) up the river - was fun but would not want to stay there overnight. Majahuitas cuisine was as good if not better than anything u'll find in PVR. Very romantic, breakfast and lunch is served at your own private table on the beach and dinner is served at one table for all the guests which will probably total no more than 16 persons. If I was to choose an ideal honeymoon spot this would be it - I even work in the travel industry in Canada and I think it beats any Sandals/All inclusive resort that I regularly sell. However the general population does not like to be "away" from it all. Hope this helps

phillybob Mar 26th, 2001 06:57 PM

C Hazen, you say that you "would not want to stay there overnight" in Yelapa. Why? <BR> <BR>I had visited the Majahuitas website, and it really does look lovely. I am however curious how it would even begin to be compared or contrasted with "Sandals/All inclusive resort" (as you seemingly did). It seems to be in an entirely different league, and I could not really see people who are attracted to one being attracted to the other. (Of course, I'm not in the travel biz as you are yourself.) <BR> <BR>We consciously chose Verana over Majahuitas because it seemed that Majahuitas might be just a bit too secluded for us. But, if we wanted total separateness, we may have considered it (or something akin to that in a number of other warm weather countries at the time we will be visiting, November). <BR> <BR>We understand that while Verana itself is quite secluded that Yelapa is a small village with a few good restaurants, grocery stores, a lively beach and dancing at the 'Yacht Club' on certain nights, and that <BR>"variety option" is attractive to us. <BR> <BR>I did not get that sense of options from Majahuitas' site, at least. In other words, at Verana (which is similarly priced), we could do everything we could do at Majahuitas ... and more. <BR> <BR>We are also interested in the village and its locals; afterall, we are traveling to a foreign country. We are aware that there is quite a number of ex-patriots there as well as many "tourism-minded" locals, but are hoping that there is some semblance, at least, of a more accurate picture of a Mexican fishing village (one grappling with our very own touristic influx, of course). <BR> <BR>Furthermore, the food preparation at Verana reflects authentic Mexican style. Many of the dishes are based on traditional, pre-hispanic cooking and include regional recipes from across Mexico. Quite frankly, the sample menu posted on Majahuitas' website looked entirely too "westernized" for our experience desires (in other words, we could get those meals at home). <BR> <BR>Majahuitas, though, is directly on the beach and Verana is not. However, we like walking and hiking so much and find that the destination is more rewarding because of the journey to get there. This we know is not for everyone. At least there is, at Verana, a beautiful swimming pool ( to compensate for the lack of immediate beach front. And, while websites can be deceiving, the rooms, bar and restaurant at Verana seemed a bit nicer than Majahuitas. <BR> <BR>However, they are BOTH very nice resorts. I was just wondering with my initial post whether anyone had ACTUALLY visited this resort FIRST-HAND and preferably stayed there to see if our expectations were on target ot not. <BR> <BR>P.S. Our stay in Puerto Vallarta preceding and after Verana will be at another property listed on Different World, Posadas Claudia, which again seems to be our speed. <BR> <BR>

c hazen Mar 29th, 2001 07:09 AM

I looked at the Verana website and it does look lovely - and since so many magazines have covered it, it obviously has that rustic type of chic that you are looking for. In my preface, concerning the ideal honeymoon spot versus a Sandals type of vacation, I meant the seclusion and level of service one can receive at such a small intimate spot, for me (but definitely not the majority) seems ideal. <BR> When looking at the map for the location of Verana, it seems to be set quite high and away from the actual village. I would inquire on how one returns on a Sat. night after dancing, etc. in the dark - could be a challenge! <BR>I think you have planned a great honeymoon, - the bustle of PVR. combined with the quiet of Yelapa. <BR>The weather should be good in November - even I would go squirrely there during the rainy season. If you are spending a whole week in Yelapa, maybe consider dividing it between Verana and Majahuitas. If less than that, it's not worth the effort of moving. <BR>

phillybob Mar 29th, 2001 02:01 PM

I understand your statement, now. Thanks. <BR> <BR>As far as walking at night, I am sure there is a way. The Yelapa websites show these candle lantern type devices (and flashlights will also work, I presume). Anyway, we shall see. <BR> <BR>As far as dividing time up, we can not divide anymore (2-3 days in downtown PV and 4-5 days in Yelapa). We were last year in St. Lucia and did some dividing then which was similar (Mago and Ladera in Soufriere and some place in Castries) and enjoyed the variety greatly. <BR> <BR>I'll post back, I guess, after the visit, but I'm sure somebody will be at Verana and posting here before then, especially with the press that this place has been getting. (I first saw it in a blurb in Travel & Leisure magazine back in October, I think.)

Suzanne Mar 30th, 2001 11:08 PM

isn't it obvious that this guy,, phillyboy,, knows all he needs to know about Verana? He's already decide to stay there, just wants someone to validate his decision. He responds to every post, adamantly defending any negative response(contrary to what he already believes) people have taken the time to post. Maybe he works for verana and wants to promote the business. Don't encourage him. if his future wife reads this, she may change her mind. What a lucky woman. Those of us who love yelapa hope you will change your mind and go elsehwere.

duh Mar 30th, 2001 11:26 PM

Duh. I guess a flashlight would work. if you've got sense enough to bring batteries. Been there it's not where you need to be. Can you get your money back?

phillybob2000 Apr 2nd, 2001 12:09 AM

"just wants someone to validate his decision"<BR><BR>That certainly is true. Everybody has their own agendas when they post. <BR><BR>While I have no association whatsoever with this resort, some of the responders within this discussion thread clearly seemed to be plugging a different resort or villa rental option. <BR><BR>Suzanne, your agenda is quite clear as well: To show what little class you have and that you are indicative of the type of person that populates Yelapa, and therefore, do not visit Yelapa.<BR><BR>Frankly, based upon the numerous posts I've read on this discussion board, I assumed that responders to this post would:<BR><BR>(a) know how to comprehend a simple straightforward question ("Has anyone stayed at this place (Verana) in Yelapa (south of Puerto Vallarta)?" and (b) have something relevant to offer in regard to the question posed.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

pt Apr 2nd, 2001 07:19 AM

Gee, this is usually a very friendly board...what's with the negative responses to this question? Yelapa is a gorgeous place, relaxing and peaceful. Far from the hustle and bustle of Puerto Vallarta, it's like stepping back into time. I live here and think it would be the perfect place for a honeymoon. I try to get to Yelapa as often as I can to 'escape'. Go for it and have fun!!! It'll be an adventure but that's part of the beauty of it!

gordy Apr 2nd, 2001 07:28 AM

To the above poster,since you live in Yelapa can you answer the original question about Verana? I am also interested.

pt Apr 2nd, 2001 04:01 PM

Hi..if you re-read my post, you'll see I said I live in Puerto Vallarta but try to get to Yelapa as often as I can. And as I have explained to the original question-er (?) I am not familiar with Verana but my next trip to Yelapa (hopefully this week!) I'll definitely put a post up with 'my review'!!! Yelapa itself is a hidden treasure!

gordy Apr 7th, 2001 09:00 PM

So, you go to Yelapa all the time , but know nothing of this new place Verana? So, you're going there next week and will spend(three night minimum required- plus two meals a day) your time to give us your "review" . How nice of you! I think you are the Op trying to pacify his wife in case she reads this post too. maybe I'm wrong , but you were a little testy with your above answer after critisizing others for such negative responses. Your post was not clear. "I live here" since the post was about yelapa, might , without re-reading it again and again to finD the hidden meaning, appeared to me like you were a resident. i think the Op is just answering his own questions. You can have the last word... I won't read it.

emmasing Nov 9th, 2013 12:00 PM

My husband and I are visiting Puerto Vallarta for a two weeks in January. We are considering staying at Verana for a couple of days. Based on what we've read, Verana seems like just what we want. I suppose I am interested in alternative suggestions, but the reason I clicked on this post and read all of the comments is that I would like to read what someone who has stayed at Verana thinks about it. Is it what they expected? Was everything as nice as the website photos and copy imply? I like the idea of a hike to the beach, but is the hike longer, more treacherous or less pleasant than I might expect? Were there any disadvantage to staying there. Stuff like that. If the OP stayed at Verana, I would like to hear about that experience - though it's been more than a decade. It would be great to hear about some more recent experiences too.

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