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rcarmosino Apr 11th, 2005 07:54 PM

Tulum/Soliman Bay, Mayan Riviera, Mexico House Rental Fraud



We rented a house on Solimon Bay, “La Conchita” (approx, 12 kilometers north of main intersection in Tulum on Hwy 307, large, painted exit sign reads: “Oscar and Lalo’s Restaurant” at Punta Soliman Bahias ) from these individuals using the VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) web site (VRBO #37288), , the week of March 25 – April 2, 2005: total of 8 nights for $2,000.00 USD cash in advance. We were told that this was a “drastically reduced rate since the house was not ready and it had just gone into the rental pool”. We called the the owners referenced above to clarify and we were told that “pictures on the walls were not up yet” and it was not quite ready cosmetically but otherwise all wa in order.. No problem for us. The VRBO listing, stated “Pet Friendly,” we had two small poodles and 3 kids in tow: we did not care much about wall decorations as long as the house had all the other feautures one would expect for a rental house at any price.

Here is what we met with upon arrival to the house, Friday, March 25,2005:

- of the two bathrooms, only one was functional, we were told this bathroom would be fixed the next day: it never happened.
- the one that was “functional” had wet cement at the base of the toilet and an ant nest/ infestation in the closet. We were told later that “this is the jungle and you have to expect such things”
- all drains and faucets were clogged.
- No gas was in the propane tank to suppy the gas stove and hot water heaters: therefore no cooking and no hot water. We were told that gas would be delivered within two days. Gas was delivered 2 days later but the stove was completely rusted out, hence no cooking. Only one of the two hot water heaters worked to supply the one shower. The other was completely rusted out and broken: no hot water for kitchen sink. I had to personally “fix” the remaining hot water heater to get it to work, since Daniel Romo (owner/rental agent/manager ??) was completely incapable of doing so himself even though he claimed that both water heaters were functioning.
- Water supply lines under sink were leaking.
- Toaster and juicer were rusted out and broken.
- Microwave was broken and unusable.
- Refrigerator was warm and dangerously plugged into a faulty outlet which we later discovered had sheared and lose wires which somehow were causing THE WATER FROM THE KITCHEN SINK TO CARRY AN ELECTRIC CURRENT. WHILE STANDING BAREFOOTED ON THE TILE FLOOR , MY 10 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER DISCOVERED THIS AFTER RECEIVING AN ELECTRIC SHOCK FROM THE RUNNING WATER WHILE TRYING TO WASH HER HANDS
- The one air conditioner in the house had a 4 inch open gap around it which I had to personally seal with tape and cardboard to get it to function properly
- After being there for two days, the water supply in the house ceased: therefore no water at all!!! Daniel Romo could not determine why until he called a friend who figured out that you had to manually turn a water pump on to fill the water tank every day: Would have been appropriate, if he had explained these details in advance to us: but he did not know any details about the house at all and he was in charge of preparing it and renting it as a rental agent or owner: which of these he was, was never made clear.
- Beach in front of house was loaded with seaweed in and out of the water: surrounding houses/resorts had it raked/cleaned every morning: was never done here.

In conclusion we were totally misinformed regarding any details concerning this rental: total misrepresentation was the rule of the day. In addition, we were led to believe that all would be remedied and it was not. We finally requested all our money back since we bank wired all $2000.00 in advance of arriving as requested: will never do that again.We were told that we would not get all of our money back: “If you did not like the house, why did you not leave” we were told. After much arguing, we were offered half our money if we would leave that very day: we agreed and when time came for us to leave we were given 1000 pesos not 1000 dollars..

Here is info.on these individuals:

Daniel Romo and his partner “Vera”-
Sian Kaan Real Estate Company
Aven. Tulum x Calles Satelite N.Y.
(junto a materials Roca)
Tulum, Q.Roo, Mexico 77780
Tel/Fax 011-52-984-87-12387
Email: [email protected]

The ill-prepared house they rented to us is called: “La Conchita”,sign out front. Next to it to the north is a house called “ Los Tulipanes” (floral design sign). On the south side of the house is another house/resort called “Tropical Evergreens” (sun emblem sign on wall)

Daniel and Vera Live together in a white house about 5 minutes driving south from La Conchita next to the resort they run called: “Playa Natural”, a clothing optional resort with the same seaweed filled beach. Playa Natural’s sign reads: “The Way Nature Intended It To Be” yellow letters on wooden, oval sign. South side of Playa Natural is “Casa Seis Machos” ( turquoise blue lettering on orange oval sign). North side of Playa Natural is “Casa Bonita” which is for sale.

SusanInToronto Apr 12th, 2005 07:16 AM

Wow, that's too bad. We rented a place advertised on VRBO a couple of years ago, and had a wonderful experience. I guess it's a buyer beware when renting though.

Baby_T Aug 12th, 2005 11:46 AM

Just to let everyone know. This listing has been pulled from VRBO. Thank goodness!

Fraudhunter Sep 9th, 2010 05:06 PM

These people Daniel Romo and Vera, also do fraudulent land and home sellings in real estate by the name of Realty world. The name of the horrible house they still rent is Las Brisas or changed the name from La Conchita, also two other are: Playa Naturel and Palapas Caribe, which are a filthy shacks. These are walking rats. Stay away of Daniel Romo, and wife Vera.

Fraudhunter Sep 9th, 2010 05:09 PM

Real Estate office form the fraudulent agent:
Realty Executives Daniel Romo Tulum Real Estate.

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