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goingout33 Nov 7th, 2006 04:50 PM

trip planning for Jan & can't decide...suggestions?
Planning a trip & trying to get in a canopy tour (no where specific) & 2 days of fishing on the Pacific Coast & a place with a nice beach (and the hotsprings sound nice too- but not required). Thinking about arriving in SJO & getting to Arenal for 1 night, moving onto Monterverde for 1 night, then going to either MA or OSA for 2 to 3 nights. Would like to do an overnight fishing trip in the MA or OSA area but haven't found any recommendations to date- any recommendations? I'm wondering if I'm trying to fit too much in and if I should just go to the MA or OSA area for the whole trip??? And, not sure if MA or OSA would be better- which has better beaches? It seems that in the OSA area you're limited to staying and eating at the same hotel for the duration of the this how things operate in the OSA area due to limited accomadations and restourants? I'm focusing in on the Drake Bay area...are other areas in OSA better? What's the most efficient way to travel from the Arenal/Monterverde area to the MA or OSA area? Do flights really restrict your luggage to 30 pounds? If so seems that a rental car or driver would work but we wouldn't get to OSA... WOW - I've a lot to figure out...any help is appreciated!!!! Thank you!

shillmac Nov 7th, 2006 05:04 PM

How many nights do you have? What are your flight times, arrival and departure? All of those things are important to know if anyone is going to give you specific help. Aside from that, here are some thoughts that may or may not help guide you:

Arenal--at LEAST 2 nights or not worth the effort.


Arenal to MA--6 hours driving

Monteverde to MA--4-5 hours.

Manuel Antonio--at least 2 nights.

(Every time I say "at least" 2 nights--3 would be ever so much better--at all locations).

The Osa--schedule your entire time there if you have 5-7 days. You'll need the first and last nights near the airport. Don't know of any resorts there that aren't all-inclusive, unless you stay near Puerto Jimenez.

If you have a week or 6 days, I'd suggest choosing either Arenal or Monteverde plus Manuel Antonio. Or the Osa by itself.

You can do some good fishing out of Quepos (the town near Manuel Antonio), but I don't know a thing about overnight fishing. Haven't heard it mentioned on this board or read about it.

Flights do expect you to stay with your luggage limit. Unless you visit the Osa, you can get around just fine with a rental car, a private driver, or a transfer company like Interbus.

Hope this helps a bit. You can do the ziplines at any of the locations, with Arenal and Monteverde probably offering the best experience (SkyTrek).

goingout33 Nov 15th, 2006 05:31 PM

Thanks shillmac- much appreciated!

goingout33 Nov 15th, 2006 05:51 PM

Revised plan...any additional thoughts / advice??

Day One - travel to Arenal area
Day Two - in Arenal..(day options)Rainbow Bass fishing in the Lake, Zipline and/or Hiking (night options) Tabacon Hot Springs, Lava Flow, La Fortuna
Day Three - guided day trek to Monteverde (jeep-boat-jeep) & do Zipline, SkyWalk and/or Hiking __OR__ stay local in Arenal (not sure what to do for a second day in Antonio though...)
Day Four - travel to Quepos/MA area
Day Five - Ocean fishing out of Quepos
Day Six - MA: Mangrove Tour, Hiking and/or Beach
Day Sevin - travel home

shillmac Nov 15th, 2006 07:18 PM

Sounds better, but 3 locations as major as those need at least 8-9 days. I'd drop Monteverde this trip and concentrate more on Arenal. Too tough getting in and out of there to do it as a day trip. Try the Cano Negro day trip from Arenal--absolutely excellent, and you'll be back by 3:00 to do the hot springs in the evening. You can do SkyTrek at Arenal as well.

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