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schew Jul 12th, 2016 09:55 PM

Travelling the coast of Mexico
Hi everyone

I'm seeking some advice about how to plan my trip and on places to stay. I have some friends whom I can stay with for part of the trip, but for the most part I'll be sightseeing on my own.

I'm starting in Guanajuato City and this is my current plan (I have 10 days before my flight in Cancun)

Thu 28/7 night: Take the night bus to Puebla and arrive at 5am.

Puebla-->Xalapa-->Ciudad Madero in Tamaulipas (visit a friend)-->Zempoala (visit a friend)-->Paraiso, Tabasco (visit friend)-->Merida-->Chichen Itza-->Cancun

I have a flight out of Cancun on August 8th.
I'll be taking the bus at night for some of the longer trips to save on time and lodging.
I'm curious how much time Merida and Xalapa would take to visit and where I could stay?

kja Jul 13th, 2016 01:09 AM

So, with a start in Guanajuato City, I trust you realize that you are not "traveling the coast"?

How long to spend in places depends on YOUR interests. You might buy a good guidebook or two (like the <i>Moon Guide</i> or <i>Rough Guide</>), or consult them at your local library.

For lodging,

Good luck!

Daniel_Williams Jul 13th, 2016 04:46 AM

Hi schew,

I just did something similar except took a bus from Queretaro to Puebla to Tapchula Chiapas. It's unclear at this moment what will be going on with the teacher's road blockades but you may wish to keep a close eye. I had planned to go to Oaxaca but buses were not going there, so went to Puebla instead. Chiapas at the time seemed passable but then a road blocks were set up between Arriaga and Tapachula (I arrived in Arriaga at 11pm and only got to Tapachula at 4pm the next day!)

Of course, what's going on is ever-changing and while the worst of the blockades have been in Guerrero, Chiapas and Oaxaca states (the one I dealt with were on the Pacific Coast Highway, there's been some as well in Veracruz state that have blocked things on the north side. I recommend typing "bloqueo" and whatever state you're going to for updates (I assume you know some Spanish) and have what-if alternative plans. The north and central Mexico have not been affected, so Guanajuato to Puebla for example should not be a problem.

Good luck! Daniel

kja Jul 13th, 2016 07:00 PM

Oops! -- so sorry I neglected to turn italics off, and that it then covered an innocuous character into a nasty looking green emoticon. :-(

baldone Jul 14th, 2016 07:29 AM

Sounds like an interesting itinerary to say the least. I assume when you get to Puebla you're just gonna get on another bus? Otherwise what will you do at 5 in the morning? Italian Coffee doesn't even open until 9.
'Twer me, I'd skip Xalapa and just go straight to Veracruz. It's not that Xalapa's not worth seeing; it is, but it could be done in a long day trip from Veracruz, since it doesn't seem that you mind being on buses anyway. But Veracruz has more to do/see except for the anthropology museum. Zempoala is close, and Madero is just as easy if not easier to get to from Veracruz. I suspect that the bus from Xalapa to Tampico/Madero goes through Veracruz anyway. As far as lodging goes, you'd probably do fine by reviewing places in your price range on TA or just drilling down on Google maps.

Stewbear Jul 14th, 2016 12:09 PM

You got mt confused. Are you spending any time in Guanajuato as there is no airport there but is in Leon so what are you doing & for how long in GTO my favorite city?

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