Topless Sunbathing in Cancun

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Topless Sunbathing in Cancun

We have booked the JW Marriott in Cancun in February. We noticed on the website that they have a private pool for adults only. Does anyone know if it is acceptable for women to tan topless here? We have also considered the Ritz and Le Meridien. Does anyone know if these pools have areas where topless sunbathing is acceptable? Also, any other information regarding these hotels is appreciated.
Thank you!
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Cancun is not widely topless, as there are many Americans vacationing there, and don't normally go topless.

Other parts of the region - Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Tulum - are much more commonly topless. (Tulum is even c/o in places.)

The only time I saw a woman topless at an upper-level hotel, she was European and it was Christmas. People were shielding their kids' eyes. It's really no big deal.

If you are interested in going topless, go to the adults' pool and wait and see if anyone else removes their top, or see if the hotel policy is on the website or in the literature in the room when you arrive.

All three of those hotels are VERY nice. (Three of the best in Cancun.) I have stayed at the JW and the Ritz, and don't remember seeing anyone topless, but we spent most of our time on the beach or out and about.
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all good advice from Diana -- I haven't seen anyone topless at the JW Marriott in my 2 trips there. However, I never spent any time at the adult pool...I was under the impression that it was more of a diving pool, but its designation may have changed...

I wonder if LeMeridien might be more topless friendly as it is a European Hotel chain?

If you want to go topless, head on down for a day trip to Playa del Carmen to Mamitas Beach. Lots of topless sunbathing there!
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You should consider that topless is absolutely unacceptable to most Mexicans.
Most adults-only pools are so adults can swim without splashing children. They are not for adult activities or topless bathing.
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Sorry Ag3046, but you are off-base here.

Anyone who travels to the region regularly knows that it is considered rude to sunbathe topless on beaches that are frequented by Mexican families - BUT at some resorts, and in fact all over some beach areas, it is the norm and totally acceptable.

The OP asked a valid question and is doing the right thing by finding out where it IS OK to do it (whether he or she wants to avoid it or participate in it).

Most people DON'T realize that walking around in swimsuits or even skimpy shorts or tops is offensive to many Mexicans either.

The key in behaving properly in your travels as far as apparel and behavior go is to know where it is appropriate or not.
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In 11 trips I have only seen topless at a pool once and it was adults only pool at Crown Paradise. However, on the beach and especially in front of certain hotels like the Oasis, you will be far from alone without your top. You will be very close to this are maybe one quarter mile to your south.
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Thank you Diana for your help. We were trying to be appropriate not offensive. We were just recently in Las Vegas and stayed at Mandalay Bay and we went to the "adult pool" ans almost all girls were topless and I was wondering if it was the same in Cancun.
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Dougout--Thank you. That is very helpful information. It sounds like all we have to do is walk down the beach a quarter mile and we will be fine. Is the beach area in front of the Oasis "topless friendly" all of the time or just during spring break?
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We have never been at Spring Break. Mostly in November and Feb. The beach area at the Oasis is very large so finding a secluded or non-secluded spot will not be a problem.
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AG3046 is absolutely right.

How vital is it to you to "tan topless?"

That much? Really?
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I don't think she said it was vital. She's allowed to ask a question of that nature. Many if not most of the European beaches allow topless bathing.
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Poppa, what does vital mean to you? Life sustaining? For the vast majority of humanity food and clean water are the answer. A personal preference for a minor exposure to the sun hardly seems an issue. Especially if it is on the playa in Cancun with MANY others.
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Topless sunbathing is not common in Cancun, as has been noted, but my experience is that you can probably do it anywhere. I have gone topless on several of the public beaches in Cancun without any problems (almost no Mexicans there; all tourists). You may be the only one, but if that doesn't bother you and you are fine with lots of extra attention, you should be fine. I am a bit of an exhibitionist, so I never let the lack of others stop me. If you want more like-minded company, Playa del Carmen or Tulum is better, as noted. Ditto for wearing a thong.
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Please note that CarolD1 is resurrecting all sorts of really old threads about toplessness and the wearing of thongs, etc.

This thread is from 2005!!!
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This may be an old thread but a relevant one. Really, most people need to just keep their clothes on. Unless you are a hottie with perky you-know-whats, keep it covered. Saggy ones are an eyesore. I was in Germany and saw all the nude sunbathing.
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And the sight of these people wasn't pretty!!!!
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On our recent vacation at the Club Méd in Cancún (lots of French guests), a few women were sunning topless on the beach, but it was not the norm.
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Isla Mujeres it the only place I have been to in this area where topless sunbathing is not frowned upon.

We have been going for years, and there seems to be less of this than there used to be. Ten years ago, topless women probably outnumbered fully covered women. But there are still many gals that take advantage of this more relaxed atmosphere.

The only rule seems to be to cover up if you are going to get a drink at the beach bar.

Hope this helps! Let me know if I can offer any more advice.

Warm Regards,
Pat Hewitt
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There is LOTS of topless sunbathing in Playa and Tulum. Only on the beach of course because it is true the majority of Mexican nationals, thanks to a strong catholic history, would consider it inappropriate. On the other hand, the only people that seem to gawk and act like morons are usually american men off cruise ships(and sometimes women).
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Ouch, can you imagine the sunburn?
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