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tica_traveler Sep 2nd, 2004 11:17 AM

Tica_traveler has been hijacked
I don't know how or why Humberto is posted under my screen name but I just signed on to see that "I" have posted a lot lately, when in reality, I have been offline. I am shocked and a bit miffed that anyone would be so deceptive as to make it appear I was endorsing places with which I have had no experience. My children and I stayed at Vida Tropical twice, with mixed emotions. Neither time did we meet Humberto and/or Carmen as they were on vacation themsleves. I am really dismayed at this deception.

Julie, the real tica_traveler

tica_traveler Sep 2nd, 2004 11:22 AM

I just went back and read teh other postings you did as me. I really think you should have emailed ME if you wanted to saludarme, not go online on a bulletin board and endorse your business AS me. I understand what you did but t hink you used very poor judgement. I thought Neta was a wonderful asset to this board and she got run off for a lot less. Not very business-like. :-(

trevorjoyce Sep 2nd, 2004 12:01 PM

Hi there; wow, I just read the posts and that's pretty crazy! On a different note, I am wondering how you are these days, Joyce

lvk Sep 2nd, 2004 01:34 PM

Forgive my ignorance, but how is it possible to hijack another's id? Did you give him your password at one time?

I'm with you on this, Julie. That is so unethical and unprofessional! How many posts did he do as you?

I enjoyed the real Tica_traveler posts and was a bit baffled by the one where it starts as your original post, then continues as an endorsement of the new hotel. I'm glad discovered you exposed it. Welcome back!

trevorjoyce Sep 2nd, 2004 03:56 PM

Wow, I just saw the post in honeymoon spot question; how are they doing that? It's so weird. Joyce

MonaManuel Sep 2nd, 2004 05:04 PM

I'm sorry to hear of your travails, Julie. On that note, I vote to bring back Neta.

trevorjoyce Sep 2nd, 2004 06:33 PM

I agree that Neta's opinion was fun to have and I think there are other CR residents that write posts...I think Neta may be away, now, but if I know Neta, she will find a way to read Fodors while she is gone!

shillmac Sep 2nd, 2004 07:30 PM

Joyce, You are right. Neta will definitely be checking in! :)

So, from all of us here on Fodor's:


Percy Sep 2nd, 2004 07:46 PM

Yes Neta is in Israel like shillmac stated ...but you can be sure she will be reading Fodors.

I sent her an e mail last month from Wales and she answered me back before I had finished my dinner at the hotel in Cardiff Wales..!!!!

Was I surprised or what.

Like many many others,I miss Neta

Jessie_ Sep 2nd, 2004 08:26 PM

Maybe Neta isn't as far as some might think. trevorjoyce I do recall you addressing shillmac as Neta in a recent post? This really is getting weird having so many people use others names. Sometimes trevorjoyce is joyce and sometimes Trevor.

Boy, it sure has been interesting getting to know all of you by reading past postings. I particularly enjoy the travel reports. Current firsthand knowledge is so much better than anything else.

I do hope I can figure out who is who soon :-).

trevorjoyce Sep 3rd, 2004 02:28 AM

FYI, trevorjoyce is just a screen name; Joyce is mom, Trevor is 15 yr old son. When I tried to make up a screen name it was something that worked! Trevor actually does write in himself, and wrote his own trip reports! Just realized our pictures of La Finca Que Ama were left off Trevor's worldisround picture site (Neta/Arbel's place)...Joyce

shillmac Sep 3rd, 2004 04:05 AM

Yes, Jessie, Joyce did address me as Neta. It was merely a little slip on her part and no big deal--we're all Fodor friends. There's no "funny business" going on! Just a few "mature moments". :)

Tiquicia Sep 3rd, 2004 09:55 AM

Dear Tica_traveler

My name is Humberto and I really apologies what happened with the post under your name.
I visit the page and I did not understood how this forum works,I though the screen name was a room where everybody can post the messagge under that name( I'm new in this forum as you can see now).
Now, I'm kind of understand how this thing works now, but, now I so confuse, I saw a post and I just did want to answer it and I click on " Post a replay to this message" so, I did it! A screen where you put your post came up and I posted the message!and it went thru under your name.
How this happen, is a question from the moderators of this forum!! As you can see I signed up already with a my own screen name and I know it need a password to get into, how I got into yours???? I do not have your passport, for sure. Definitely something were wrong with that.
I understand why you are dismayed and truly I did not try to hijack your name and that's why I put my name on the post, no one who is trying to do that will be so stupid to sign a post with their real name.
My apologies to you and the rest of the forum for this missunderstanding.

It was a shame we did not have the chance to meet you at the hotel and I was not really in vacation I took my my days off every 15 days after full time work.

By the way, who is Neta.??

Is all I can say, sorry for that.

[email protected]

tica_traveler Sep 7th, 2004 08:56 AM

Saludos/ Greetings all!
I, Tica_Traveler, am back! It's so nice to see you all posting. I find myself smiling more and more as I read you all. First things first:

Humberto made a couple of honest mistakes. He didn't quite understand how the board works, i.e., no advertising and he didn't (and still doesn't) know how his computer apparently saved my fodors log in info. (Maybe I never logged out? Could I be logged in simultaneously and continuosly in Costa Rica and here in the U.S. since June???) Anyway, I may have over-reacted and he certainly apologized. NO HARM. NO FOUL.

Next: I also certainly hope Neta resumes posting. She was a wonderful asset to this board when I was first planning my most recent trip to CR. I received a short but sweet email from her this week and was thrilled. Unfortunately, while using the computer at work, I can only post, not send out personal email. Neta...later girl! I ran out of time in Costa Rica in June and July and couldn't get back to your loss. I'll talk to you soon and DEFINITELY see you next time around.

All others who have posted or emailed me in the last month or so, thanks for your kind words and prayers. I was home five days (after a month in Costa Rica) when my mom died. It has been very difficult, as many of you know firsthand. If I ever get my life back in some semblance of order, I may finish my journals. Suffice it to say we had a WONDERFUL TIME. I tend to rough it a bit more than most of you though. (Euphemism for "I am poorer or cheaper than you are." I dig the "off the beaten path" stuff and tend to travel a "a la tica", on the bus. There are a couple places that definitely deserve their own postings. I'll expound later on Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo and La Carolina in Bijagua, my perosnal favorites.

God Bless to all!


trevorjoyce Sep 7th, 2004 05:13 PM

this is Trevor...Im into computers and just wanted to let you know that yes its very possible, and is most likely what happend. When you log on with your password, and you hit the "yes" button on the popup window it will save your password into the computers cookies. Since Humberto made his own, new account, with his own password, there is no way he can log into your account, since he never knew the password from the start :P Next time clear the history and cookies and you should be just fine ;-)

Ally Sep 8th, 2004 06:35 AM

God Bless you to tica_traveler. I'm glad you were around when your mom passed. My mom passed away in 2001 when I was IN Costa Rica.
The Dr had told us she had 3 to six months. My mom told my husband and I to keep our trips plans and go, so we did. She died 8 days after the Dr. had told us she had 3 to six months. I now believe she knew she was going to die, and didn't want us around when she passed.

tica_traveler Sep 9th, 2004 07:05 AM

You're instincts sound right on. I think my Mom wanted us all home but not necessarily with her. She died with just her live-in health aide by her side and my sister-in-law in the other room when she had eight children attending to her round the clock for the past year or so. I think she didn't want any of us to have to explain to the other seven what we did or didn't do so "save" her when she no longer wanted to be "saved." I am blessed. I am more sorrowful than i ever dreamed possible but I am so blessed to have had her for so long. (Her first quadruple bypass was in 1989. I have told her for years we were holding her together with duct tape and bailing twine....She was 79 and a day.) God Bless you Ally.


Jessie_ Sep 9th, 2004 08:44 AM

I lost my mother 1 month after returning from CR for the first time. It has been 10 years and I still miss her terribly. With that many children your mother must have had a lot of love to give.
Vaya con Dios

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