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plambers Dec 18th, 2014 07:10 AM

thinking of changing itinerary in CR-need feedback
Hi. We are retrurning to CR in July. Considering changing agenda and would like your feedback on if we are moving around too much. We are staying for 17 days and flying into San Jose and out of Liberia.

renting a villa in Dominical originally 6 nights (want to decrease to 5)

La Paloma Lodge in Drake Bay for 3 nights (new)

private villa in Cabo Matapalo for 4 nights (was 6 nights in original plan)

private villa in Ocotal - 4 nights (no change).

Biggest issue is Osa. La Paloma looks wonderful and I like having the naturalists on site. We would do the mangrove tour, the night bug lady tour, and either Cano Island or La Sirena while there. There are also plenty of activities in Matapalo. Should I just stay in one place in Osa or see both areas?

Thanks all.

volcanogirl Dec 18th, 2014 10:12 AM

I would be okay with moving. We usually don't stay in one spot more than about four days. As long as you won't feel rushed, I like to see as many areas as possible.

plambers Dec 18th, 2014 01:09 PM

volcanogirl, thanks. it seems like the activities in drake bay are different enough from matapalo. however, it will be a 3/5 hour ride and that is long...

RAC Dec 19th, 2014 05:23 PM

3.5 hours is long, but you can just plan the transfer for mid-day when there isn't much going on because it's too hot.

volcanogirl Dec 19th, 2014 07:04 PM

That's about the minimum time to get anywhere in Costa Rica anyway. If you don't do it, I think you'll wonder if you missed out.

plambers Dec 20th, 2014 08:08 AM

vg, that is exactly what i am thinking. pretty sure we won't be returning to cr any time soon after is trip.
la paloma has been wonderful to deal with and while it is very pricy, i want to be pampered for a few days during this trip. we would leave after lunch and get there 4 ish.
am even considering 5 nights in matapalo and reducing villa in ocotal (which we did this year) to 3 nighs. however, that is the most amazing relaxed all inclusive villa and a great way to end relaxed.

volcanogirl Dec 20th, 2014 12:01 PM

Everything you have planned sounds great. I look forward to reading your trip report for new ideas!

plambers Dec 21st, 2014 12:42 PM

I have relied on so many of yours so will be sure to post. I did post ours from last July...

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