The Best Place in the World

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I do mean under $1200 for just the house rental, if it is all inclusive of course that will be more than that anyone been to costa rica recommend a place to stay for families
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I have only been in the US and Canada. But for what it's worth, Here's my faves: Maui and Kauai, HI. Victoria, BC, Canada. Anchorage & Seward, AK. Oregon Coast.
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In North America: Banff and Jasper in Alberta, Canada.

In Latin America: Glover Reef Atoll in Belize or Roatan in Honduras

In the South Pacific: Maldives and Seychelles

In Asia: Borneo, Malaysia

In Europe: Turkey

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I should have added that IF I could not go to Argentina, my next destination choice would be British Columbia, preferably Victoria and the entire Vancouver, relatively inexpensive and stunning!
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This list gets re-ordered when I'm hungry, or cold, but at this moment these are FOR ME my top 8 and why:

(1) Amed, Bali (clear water, great food, unspoiled feel, warmest people, lovely music, doing nothing)
(2) Udaipur, India (food, shopping, history, art, people)
(3) Chiang Mai, Thailand (food, night market, loveliest people, temples, elephant rides)
(4) Tuscany (food, people, landscape, Florence, relaxation)
(5) Venice (food, art, cafes, atmosphere, architecture)
(6) Akumal, Mexico (snorkling, eating, lying around)
(7) Paris (Latin Quater) (food food food, museums)
(8) Zambezi River trip (honestly I've only seen Vic Falls from the shore - Zambia side - but hear the river trip is an incredible adventure)
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Akumal or Tabacon Hot Springs in Costa Rica - becaue they're comfortable, casual and beautiful. (I say this becaue of the teens - my answer would have been Paris for adults only)
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The best place in the world to me is anywhere in India..I love that country!!
The sites, the sounds, the food, the people....

And there is nothing like the Maldives and Santorini...for beauty..

And Thailand has such nice people..
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I have travelled all over the world, so many place, but closer to home...coast of California...San Diego, Laguna Beach (artist colony with lovely scenery), San Juan Capistrano (outstanding mission and home to the famous swallows), Santa Barbara (Amazing, wharf, scenic channel bike path)San Simeon (Hearst Castle, a must-see.Book ahead.There is a lovely little hotel/golf course called san Simeon Pines.Across the street a nature walk.)Cambria (gorgeous little artist colony. Try a meal at one of the beachview cafes for views)In-between...the sea elephant natural reserve. (Look for lots of cars parked over on the beachside of the road with people looking down. There weren't any signs last two times I went. Morrow Bay (a tiny aquarium, peregrin falcon rock reserve on beach, a mini-sub and neach walks a British store, beachview restaurants.) The LONG and fairly slow yet very scenic drive along Big Sur is always safest when driving before dark as the mist rolls in and it gets dark fast. The safest way (collision-wise) is to head from South to North. We found that barriers were few from the even more scenic ride North to South, and we saw a few vehicles teetering over cliffs down to the ocean.Use washroom, get gas and snacks wherever you can before you head on Big Sur. I beleive there is a State Park, one gas/shop and one restaurant along the way and that's it.
We then come into Monterey (fisherman's wharf, cute little food places. One restaurant on the wharf you can sit and watch many pelicans perch right on the adjoining rooftop, cute little stores, Cannery Row, converted fish cannery buildings of John Steinbeck fame, lots of sea lions and the most incredible Aquarium that I have ever been to with interaction and with a small outside viewing section. Just hang out in the marina area and you will see sea otters swimming around. Next Carmel,Golf of course, Lovely quaint town with great shopping and cafes. Go have a drink or snacks around the outside fireplace at Clint Eastwood's really laid back Hog's Breath Inn. It is located at the back of one of the Lanes. Last time I was there he was at the bar but could only get a glimpse from afar. But the creme-de-la-creme is 17-mile Drive. Lovely beach view drive with the famous Lone Cypress tree hanging onto a rock.See the cute little rock squirrels. You have to pass through a gate, so times vary. Of course, next head up to San Francisco. Book ahead for the tour of Alcatraz. Great Shopping and beachview restaurants. Further up incredible nature parks and giant redwood trees. My next close to home blurb will be on Arizona.
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Edinburgh, Scotland.,
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Just returned from my "new" favorite place in the world, Peru. Flew to Lima and did a day tour of the city focusing on the colonial structures. Stayed at the totally modern beautiful Los Delfines Hotel in San Isidro where Yaku the dolfin swims beside you while you eat a delicious b'fast and swims above you in the under the aquarium bar. Flew to Cusco and checked in Libertador Hotel, toured the city and Incan ruins. Fascinating history and interesting city built on the remains of the Incan walls. Next day we went to the Urubamba Valley touring the Ollytaytamba ruins and visited the lively Pisac Market. Stayed at the fabulous Sol y Luna - a paradise on earth. Next day on the vistadome train through the beautiful, vast Andes Mts. to Machu Picchu. Visiting this ancient Incan "Lost City" was an indescribeable experience, truly a hightlight of my life. This has to be one of the most special places on earth. Your kids would love it. Stayed at the Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel in the cloud forest in Aguas Caliente at the base of Machu Picchu. The Hotel is a tropical paradise. Next day, back to Cusco. Spent the day exploring the town and enjoying the culture, shopping, visiting the San Blas area. Lots of interesting colonial structures. This was a great trip which has moved to the top of my list.
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Your post brought back some wonderful memories. We did this entire area in 1976 for our first anniversary. Then again in 1992 with our 3 children--camping all the way. I remember having dinner at a little pizza place with red checkered tablecloths in Cambria--with the kids. It was a cool, rainy night--often the case in that area. You are absolutely right--some of the best stuff is right here under our noses. That entire area has got to be one of the most fabulous places on earth!

Your comments about Hogs Breath Inn take me back to 1976 when we stopped in for a bite of lunch. It hadn't been open long at that time, and C.E. was at the height of his career. He wasn't there, but I remember tearing the ad out of a phone directory (now that I look back on it, what an immature thing to do!). I still carry that little folded up ad tucked away in a corner of my billfold. It's been there for 30 years now! Crazy, huh? But every time I run across it, it reminds me of our 1st anniversary trip up and down Highway 1!
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Having been around the world and stopped in many, many vote goes to Bali.
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New York City in late September
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Ah, man, I bet! It pretty awesome in early November a couple of years ago!
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Best place in the world, to me so far, is Australia - with my family (including 7 year old daughter). She begs to go back & would love to live there. My son attended university there for 5 months & had a tough time coming home. Lots more travel to do, though, so I'm sure I'll find some new favorite places. China is our next trip!
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Without a doubt
Vancouver, British Columbia
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not today!
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or Kerala in India
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There are lots of places I have been to that I liked a lot but I wouldn't like to live in those places.

There is an old saying; Hell is being trapped in paradise.

I would be happy where I live now were the weather better.
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Just wanted to comment on the Lake Louise/Banff National Park suggestion. I've only seen it in a friend's amateur pictures, and even those were enough to make me drool. Unbelievable.

The cheapest wonder of the world? Possibly...
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