The Best Place in the World

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Thought of your question again even though I replied to you a few days ago...thought the site below may be an interesting site to help you decide
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Teresa, you mentioned a nightmare trip to Akumel. We were just looking into going there. Can you elaborate. We thought we would go to Merida for a few days and then we want to go to a beach. Any suggestions?
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Ummm.... the last post was 3 years 2 months ago ...? Double check and see when the person was last on , or perhaps just post your own question with regards to this for quicker results . Good Luck ! Faith
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It was 2001 for teresa ..... best to start a new thread .
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I think the best family trip, especially with kids 13 and 15 would be an African safari. We've done it twice, and it just keeps getting better. We used African Travel to book both trips and were very satisfied.
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Definitely an African safari. We have traveled all over the world, and our southern Africa trip is the one we keep talking about. The Okavango Delta in Botswana is one of the premier wildlife destinations, and there are camps in a variety of price ranges. Check out

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We also have been around the world many times. Of course, opinions can vary widely, and luck plays a part in the overall outcome (for instance, I hated London on my first trip, then loved it on my next, mostly because of various circumstances). In any case, my favorites (for what it's worth, I'm a 40-something California beach girl who's backpacked around the world on $30 a day, and splurged as well):

For nature:
Galapagos (on small sailboat, NOT cruise ship!)
Diving at Sipadan Island, Malaysian Borneo
Sitting with mountain gorillas, Zaire
New Zealand's South Island

For city pizzazz:
New York in the fall
San Francisco

For peace and getting away:
Western Samoa (outside main island)
Taveuni Island, Fiji
Vava'u, Tonga
Yosemite at least once, off season

Worth splurging at least once:

Mauna Kea, Big Island, Hawaii (that lobby)
Highlands Inn, Carmel, Calif.
Montage Resort, Laguna Beach, Calif. (summer or fall)
A night or two at any Four Seasons Hotel at the end of a long hard trip! Ahhhh!

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gotta agree with Jim's post of 7/8/01
Peru - Macchu Picchu, Cuzco then over to Bolivia and Salar De Uyuni -
Rajasthan India
Both amazaing (also recommend Himachel Pradesh in India)
For a really compact, stunning country full of surprises I woudl recommend Lebanon
For a beautiful largely untouched country I would recommend Syria
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I just returned from San Miguel de Allende and Morelia Mexico and both are my favorite places in the world. I return there every year even for a long weekend. The colonial city of Morelia is beautiful. San Miguel de Allende is very relaxing and charming.
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The drive form Nice France to MonteCarlo. Also sitting in a small cafe on top of Capri, Italy.
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Gramdma's house. No doubt about it.
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Cape St. Mary's, Newfoundland. A summer day at 'the cape' when the fog rolls out and reveals those splendid, teeming, cliffs and the amazingly blue north atlantic.
Friends who have visited have described it as a "religious experience" and "achingly beautiful", and I fully agree.

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Interesting question, I think, as long as it's taken as it is and not as a real, practical, planning sort of topic.

After living in various regions of the States as well as a couple of regions in Japan and here in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and after repeated trips through Europe to various countries and locations, the place that still gets me the most is Sweden. I love the archipelago setting of Stockholm, which seems to me to be the finest example I've seen of an urban setting in harmony with nature: trees and greenery everywhere, water and bridges everywhere, and the water clean enough that people can eat the fish they catch even near the center of the old town. I've also spent time in the country in south central Sweden (Smaland) and the land there is refreshing. You also have the added attraction of the extremely long days there in the summer, where the sun just sort of takes a tour around the sky all day and you have such energy without even realizing it. (Never been there in a more wintery month than November, however, so I don't know how the winters would be with respect to light.) I may be genetically predisposed to like Sweden, however, as my grandfather immigrated from there.

Honorable mention for me would go to Santander, Spain, an elegant mixture of land types in a small area, with beautiful beaches and wonderful people. However again I may have been predisposed to like that given a long-ago romantic connection there before I even arrived there. I'm sure these personal matters get all mixed up in one's enjoyment of a place.


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Author: conch
Date: 12/09/2005, 03:16 pm
Gramdma's house. No doubt about it.

Your recommendation is truly the best!
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Were ever my beautiful Linda is!
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I've been to 50+ countries and would recommend the following:

Iceland in June. Sun never sets. Take 3 weeks and travel all around

Torres del Paine, Chile - the crown jewel of S American parks.

Greece - great mix of fabulous beach one day and ancient Greek culture the next!

Turkey - Istanbul is a unique mix of east and west. Great cuisine. Opportunity to be in a Muslim country where you westerners don't stand out so much. Heard great things about the coast and Capadoccia (sp).

Wish Jen would log back on and tell us where they went!
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Best place in the world?...having travelled 25000 miles in the last 18 months, I can say without reservation....its right here at home in Canada...its safe, its cheap, and no matter what you want to see, its here...mountains, hot springs, glaciers, skiing/golfing, depending on the season..incredible fishing and forests...
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For me, the best place in the world to visit (and among the most affordable places,as well)--Argentina. Want mountains? The highest peak in the Americas is here. Desert? Try Salta
Spectacular natural vistas? Try Iguazu Falls or the lakes region of Patagonia or the glaciars further south or whale watching off the coast. Vibrant night life in a people friendly big city? Buenos Aires serves up wonderful food, excellent wines and all-night dancing to work off the calories.....

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Sounds like you will find everything you are looking for at the Jaguar Reef Lodge in Belize. Goto It sits on the Carribbean and the Rainforest (including Mayan Ruins) is at the back door. There is excellent snorkeling (as good as the north side of the Caymans), hiking, kayaking, tubing in caves, & much more. On some of the tours, you get to see the "real" country & animals etc - it is fascinating. We even had a Puma (red lion) run across the road in front of us). The lodge has a variety of tours available every day & great guides. You are in a small group on the tours which makes it even better. The place is very very nice (not plush but excellent) and the people are wonderful. Everyone we spoke with there raved about the value -- you got sooo much for your money! There are several packages - we got the activity one. A week is not enough time to do everything. We just got back last night & my hubby says it is the best trip he has ever been on.

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after all these replys can you tell us where you went?
I have narrowed my trip down to costa rica or berlize. Does anyone have any recommemedation of the best flights to these places pricewise and wheres a good place to stay, we will be traveling with kids over 10 yr old. like to be on a nice quiet pritty beach and to see the rain forrest, maybe stay in a nice villa or resort under $1200 a week! for it best to go to the beaches up north like panama or coco beach?
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