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Hello! I am just writing to say I have enjoyed reading different responses and so Hope to hear about where you end up going!! What you end up doing etc.! I have traveled fairly expensively both domestically and abroad but still haven't found a place I find to be the Best in the World although I have gotten some great ideas here! Love Ireland,The island of Capri in Italy was fabulous as is all of the Hawaiin Islands and I had a great time exploring Iceland, going to Puerta Valarta with my husband and two small children next week etc. etc. Anyway, Please let us know what you do!
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Here's my two-cents worth...
A Windjammer Cruise off the coast of Maine! The kids will love it, there's lots to do on the boat, from raising the sails to watching for whales.
If you love the ocean, great home cooked food (and lots of it) plenty of time to read that fat novel you've been saving, exploring off shore islands and quaint coastal communities, eating succulent Maine lobster, being rocked to sleep by the gentle ocean swells, meeting other people (maybe two dozen or so) from around the world, taking photos you'll be able to take home and frame and seeing the coast of Maine from a whole new perspective, you can't go wrong. Check out the Yankee Magazine article (June '02). You'll never be the same! See you there!
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Seychelles is like a dream come true...
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For us- Venice(Italy).It has histories,beauty,arts,great restaurants, shops...the whole place is incredibly beautiful and unique,and it's also THE ultimate romantic city of the world ,it's a good thing that you're married,otherwise the place will make you fall in love with anybody, or... anything..a cat ? a tree??? No other place like Venice but Venice.Si !Si! Si!
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Hola amigos,

You got a lot of messages, I'll sugest to do something diferent, come to Ecuador where you gonig to feel the warm from the people.
See my pages,

the best for you

Guido Guevara
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The key here is the kids. You don't want them to get bored or underfoot. I'd go to London. Lots to see and do; they speak a form of English, its foreign yet familiar.
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Hi Jen,

I live in NYC, which is a fabulous place to visit. Central park, historical places, world class museums, incredible shopping, such a diverse cuisine, the architecture, fast paced romance and a great nightlife that ranges from s+m to ballroom events.

I also lived in Florenec Italy. It is so historical, exciting and beautiful. Every corner is hiding a visual surprise. One of the top places in all of Europe.

I noticed most people that replied to your message said the best place in the world is an island. I can appreciate that, I love nature too, but these islands tend to be overrun with trinket shops for the tourist and they lack in cultural refinement. I know that sounds snotty, but its the truth.

If you want to see the most intelligent people, most sophisticated architecture, the greatest human civilizations and places to wine + dine your loved one like never before, you must come to NYC, or Florence.
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For me the most amazing place is Kauai - Hawaii / It is soo beautiful and is nature to its best
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Glacier National Park, Montana in the mountains, million stars in the sky, camp fire, cigar, river rolling by, tent pitched, belly full of grub.
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Hmmm, let me think......
Having a mother born in Milan, Italy, a father born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, myself being born in Campinas (Sao Paolo, Brazil), having lived in Mexico City for 10 years, and now residing in San Francisco, CA, I would definitley say, that each place has it's own charm to it. The good part is that all we have to do is get there and discover the beauty of it. My top faves are: Paris, Toledo in Spain (the architecture is just breathtaking), Buenos Aires in Argentina (a marvelous city full of life and with a strong European influence), Bora Bora, Cancun, Vicenza (Italy), French Riviera, Greek Islands. Wow, I could go on forever.
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Peyto Lake near Banff in Canada. When we were there, it was snowing (in June!)and perfectly quiet and just magnificent. We were the only ones there and had the whole magnificent lake to ourselves! Such quiet and stillness is magical when you are used to the noise and crowds in Manhattan.
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Peter Stedman
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A facinating post measured by responses. I have a similar problem. So I studies the posts so far and made a list, excluding those posts that gave more than 2 suggestions. Here's those that scored more than 1.

Turkey - 7
Costa Rica - 5
New Zealand - 4
Panama - 3
Banff etc. - 2
Bali - 2
Kauai - 2

Since I live in Holland, guess what has just risen to the top of my list - also I need a rug and a sheepskin coat.

My own favourite?:
The Okavango Swamps in Botswana, Southern Africa
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The best place to travel, that I know (I have travel to several places)is Spain. There you are going to have the best time. The food: you can get the real spanish food, not the crap that we get at the called "spanish restaurants" in USA. On the other hand if you crave for american restaurants or fast food restaurants you have a wide variety of them in every mayor city. The night entertainment is awesome. The hotels are the best. If you want a vacation at the beach I would recommend The Canary Islands(Tenerife or Gran Canaria) If you don't care about sand and ocean go to Madrid or Seville. At the Canary Islands you will get a warm weather all year round in Madrid it is better if you go during the summer months, in the winter is very cold. There are a lot of very nice swimming pools. You can also visit museums,monuments,theme parks, water parks or take excursions to El Escorial,Segovia...(adjacent cities)The subway and the train comprehend almost every corner or Madrid and surroundings. simply to walk in the streets of Madrid is a different experience! The shopping is also great. I love Spain. It is my country and I know that I am partial when I speak about it. But my husband is not spaniard and he agrees 100% that it is the best place in the world not just to go on a vacation, to live. If you have any question you can e-mail me [email protected]
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Centennial Valley in Montana
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Anyplace as long as you are with your family
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I am from Illinois but now live in NYC. When I was a kid we never took many vacations. Once we did go to Galveston TX. It was the most memorable trip ever. As a kid I thought it was the best place in the world. I went there 30 years later (April 2002) and thought it was horrible (sorry Texans. As a kid the trip was memorable because my Dad and mom took me, we all went as a family. It took months and many family meetings to plan. Since then, I have travelled often and far. All places are beatiful in their own way. The one we took to Galveston was truly the best not because of the week in Galveston but the months of planning with my parents...It is wonderful you are planning a trip together as a family. The best part is the anticipation together. Truthfully, anywhere you go as a family will be wonderful!
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Margos' Bakery in Minot, North Dakota.
They have the BEST donuts.
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Jasper Alberta in the Summer, Oaxaca Mexico in the winter. Can't get any better!
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Little Dix Bay Virgin Gorda

A beautiful, calm beach. A tropical paradise!
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My inputs:
1) Santorini, Greece
2) Istanbul, Turkey
3) Bora-Bora, Society Islands

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