The Best Place in the World

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Kauai. The most beautiful place I've ever been. Mainly seeing the Napali Coast, rain forest, and waterfalls. The Hyatt also has plenty of man made river pools, and beautiful gardens. Second, the Cayman Islands. It has the clearest beach I've ever seen. Third. I pick Maui. I've only traveled in the US and Carribean.
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Naples,Florida in the winter and Waynesville,NC in the summer and any meal in Rome and safari in Africa!
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Isn't that interesting that only one other person besides Kim thought that the best places in the world are outside the U.S.? Actually, I first only thought of foreign places too, like Turkey, Italy, etc., but then I remembered how wonderful and beautiful Savannah, Charleston, Carmel and the Tetons are. It's a big world and thank goodness we can enjoy it all!
Enjoyed the informative responses.
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DaNang, Vietnam.


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Hi Jen, I read the suggestions and all are great. I assume you are considering latin america since that is where I find your request, however you might consider a family safari vacation in Kenya. We took a big family trip in 1998, ages 7 - 70, for photo safari and it was fantastic. We traveled with A & K on this one and did everything, from Hot Air Balloon Ride near Tanzania to Golf in Nairobi, and each game reserve is unique along the way. Good luck on decision! M
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Have you considered a cruise? As a frequent traveler, I often like to cruise to a region first, since that gives me a small taste of various locations the ship stops. Then, I can determine if this is a place I want to return (Grand Caymen and Costa Rics are a couple personal favorites). There are sufficient activities on board to keep everyone busy (or not!) and the ports usually offer a nice variety of excursions to consider in case of differing tastes. There are some great prices available now, since the cruise industry keeps adding ships. My suggestion is to pick a region based on the collective family interests -Mediterranean is very different than a Panama Canal crossing - and do some research on which cruise line will best meet your needs. Good luck - keep an open mind and have a wonderful time!
Old Mar 30th, 2002, 02:59 PM
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Jen, I would have to say my best place(s) in the world are: 1)Bermuda - my wife and I spent our honeymoon there 3 years ago and the island is gorgeous. The only drawback is that it is very expensive, especially with a couple of kids; 2)Brazil - I visited in July 2001 and I LOVED IT! Rio was OK, but I fell in love with the City of Salvador in the state of Bahia. Iguassu Falls was also wonderful; 3)Ghana, West Africa - first visit to africa was here when I finished graduate school 7 years ago and definitely will go back; 4)Charleston, SC - beautiful old southern city with a lot of charm; 5)Toronto,Ontario,Canada - another great cosmopolitan city just north of the states. Those are my favorites! Hope you and the family find a wonderful place to go on vacation!
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Bali, Bali, Bali

I have been everywhere..I repeat..Bali
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Your question has certainly stirred many people's fond memories. I've travelled around the world, sans kids I admit, and have been to many of the places suggested. I think you need to consider that you're travelling with teenagers. Many of the suggestions are for beautiful, tropical vacations - the kind you take for romance.

If your kids are into water sports, and can handle the "there's nothing to do" syndrome, then by all means, the south Pacific (Bali, Tahitian Islands, New Zealand, etc.) are beautiful, nature-based getaways. Even Costa Rica & the Hawaiian Islands fit here.

If, on the other hand, your teens like history and exotic places, Europe has so much to offer. Turkey is a great choice (depending on what happens with Iran & Iraq in the coming months - check a world map!). All the major cities; Rome, Paris, London, etc. offer cultural experiences that link us to our European heritage. The beauty of the Swiss Alps rivals that of any island paradise.

Although I can't select a single place, I'll throw Spain (and Portugal) onto the list for these reasons: diversity from north to south, travel bargains - the dollar is strong there, incredible food (and spectacular wines), history and art (who founded America again?), and a warm, friendly people. Barcelona is one of the finest "big cities" in Europe. Sevilla is all that one dreams of when thinking of Spain.

If Europe is your calling, I'd suggest checking into - he's the master.

Good luck, and if you find the perfect place, let us know.
Old Apr 2nd, 2002, 04:54 PM
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I would say Tahiti- it is romantic and secluded. Just look at a brouchre and you will see why.
Old Apr 15th, 2002, 12:40 PM
Eloy A. Haughton
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It may not be the "best" place in the world, but it is undoubtedly the BEST kept secret on earth! I'm talking about Panama (in general) and Panama City (it's capital) in particular. On a clear day, as the aircraft makes it's final approach to landing, passengers on their first trip to Panama City, stare in stunned disbelief at the sight of gleaming skyscrapers unfolding below. A breath-taking skyline they hadn't expected sprawls to a curling point of land that meets the blue Pacific. Panama City is truly unlike anything one would normally imagine in Central America. A bustling cosmopolitan center of finance and commerce, the city is host to over one hundred foreign banks and boasts one of the most robust economies and sophisticated urban settings in all of Latin America! Major Attractions nationwide: Panama Canal, Casco Viejo, Amador Causeway, Ancon Hill, Metropolitan National Park, Gamboa Rainforrest Resort, Bidge of the Americas, Bocas del Toro, Taboga, Contadora, San Blas, Colon Free Zone, Colon 2000, Ruins of Old Panama and much more. Best time to go: Mid-December to mid-April.
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Marta Montenegro
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For a family vacation I strongly recomend Costa Rica, we had visited 3 times with e kids,they had a lot of fund, specially the pacific area of Manuel Antonio.There is so much to do, the country side is beautiful and all arounf very safe.
Cancun was also a good choice with the kids.

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I smiled when I saw on one of the first replies "Isla Mujeres". I was there in 1998 and it's a dream island - something like my vision of where Robinson Crusoe landed!!!
Bali was wonderful too but very different.
Cancun has plenty of activities to offer your children and they wouldn't have a second to spare trying to get to do everything!!! Which means they're kept happy - you're happy too, right?
We're planning Peru this year but it appears like more hard work than a holiday but I'm hoping the sites and scenery will be worth it??
Good luck with choosing from all these wonderful places......
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Here are a few selections:

For some rugged adventure and plenty of pygmey-style wildlife I would recommend heading into the jungle outside of Bangui in the Central African Republic. Not to many people make it out there - and boy it is an adventure.

For some of the best street-food around spend a few days in Yangon, Myanmar and get the chance to marvel at the worlds warmest people and view plenty of Buddhist wonders.

For untouched, pristine and extremely quiet beaches (white sand and all) try staying at the Galaway Beach Hotel in The Comores - (fly in to Moroni from Dar Es Salaam). Again, this is a remote and beautiful place.

For awesome, rugged hiking and unparalled mountainous beauty head down to Papua New Guinea - avoiding if possible, Port Moresby. Mount Hagen is lovely, as are some of the smaller islands.

For spicey Szechuan food, mountains and Panda bears try Chungdu China - Capital of the Szechuan province.

For one of the longest beaches in the world and an extremely low-cost vacation try Chittagong in lush and lovely Bangaldesh.

And finally, my favorite place in the entire world: the comfort of my own home.

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Bradford in England is one of the most fantastic places in the world. No-one really thinks of it as a holiday destination but where can you find so many fantastic restaurants in one place. And the weather is awesome too - it's so diverse. If you like sport there is nowhere better and you are just 10 miles from the tourist mecca of Leeds as well. For shopping, well take your pick - Meadowhall in nearby Sheffield, steeped in history, the Trafford centre close to the salubrious Moss Side estate, or of course the Albert Doch in Liverpool, home of that famous pop group, The Beatles.
Yes, it's Bradford for me.
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I didn't read all the replies but I would have to suggest Hawaii. I love it there and yes you can escape the Waikiki scene! You feel like you are in a different country but with the advantage of using US currency and no language problems. I did enjoy trying to correctly pronouce the Hawaiian words and found that fascinating. Hawaii offers mountains out one window and ocean views out the other. I have done alot of traveling and find our own Hawaii wonderful. It all depends on what you are looking for. Switzerland and Italy are also wonderful.... I do feel that to truly enjoy cities like Florence, Rome etc. Art history helps otherwise one could tire of another "old church" etc. Europe offers alot. I do agree with another listener....I would love to see Egypt...but I would cruise the Nile. I daydream quite a bit. I think that traveling for kids is sooooooo important. I believe that I am the well rounded person I am today, since I have been traveling since 7. I have always wanted to see the world. I'm still avidly working on it!!!!!!!!!

Great question..

Happy traveling!!!!!!

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Just got back from there and I will be planning a trip to take my 3 kids there. The culture, beauty and history is incredible. It would be educational for the kids but they would not even realize it.
Enjoy your vacation!
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My favorite places:
1) Rome, Italy
2) Istanbul, Turkey
3) Seville and Granada, Spain
4) Lake District of England (stay at Miller Howe Hotel in Windermere)
5) San Diego, California (and surrounding area)
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Has anyone been to Saba??? I haven't but want to. It seems like it could be one of the best places in the world!!
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The Outer Banks of North Carolina are astonishingly beautiful.

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