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Angie May 30th, 2000 05:41 PM

Sick in PV
My fiance and I are going to PV for our honeymoone the 2nd week in September. We have had 2 different sets of friends travel there and get very ill. Any precautions on what to eat, not eat or anything we can take to prevent getting sick while on our honeymoon!!!! THANKS!

dmotl May 30th, 2000 05:51 PM

I don't know about being sick but loose stool is common with first time visitors. suggest taking 3 acidolphlos <BR>pills per day. found in the vitamin section of your local store. You will have to be aware that fresh fruit - readily served with meals and drinks such as pina coladas & margaritas is a natural laxative. Finally be aware that if someone from PV traveled to the US they would almost certainly encounter loose stool because the common bacteria in food is differant.

Thomas Wheeler Jun 5th, 2000 05:46 PM

The first thing don't drink the water and ifyour not sure of what your eating don't eat chicken, because it may be standing out to long. Or Chile <BR>Good Luck [email protected] Thomas

L. Lampman Jun 10th, 2000 03:58 PM

Spent two weeks in PV in January. Stayed at the Royal Decameron resort, it was the best holiday my wife and I have ever been on. The Decameron is allinclusive and in the two weeks there only got sick once! and that was from being on the beach all day and haveing to much beer!! Cannot say anything bad at all about the Resort it was truely excellent and look forward to going back in Jan 2001. Also ate at many of the villages around Bucerias, Guiabitos, Lapinita and Puerto Vallarta and had no problems. The little villages were just marvalous, prefered them to PV itself, and everything is much much cheeper to buy and thier enchanting. <BR> <BR>P.S, if you need any pepto,rolaids,etc let us know, we still have a drawer full of stuff that we took with us and never used! don't listen to storys, go and enjoy the best holliday you will ever have! we did.

Susan Jun 13th, 2000 09:32 AM

One of the earlier responses advises against eating chicken. I guess you do have to be careful with any food that's been sitting too long, but my husband and I always find the chicken in Mexico to be much better than in Canada. It seems to actually taste like chicken! I tend to eat more chicken than anything else down there.

TiGuy Jun 13th, 2000 01:58 PM

If you are really worried, only use bottled water, even for teeth brushing. Be wary of ice. Be wary of "icy" drinks. Be wary of drinks (like beer) kept on ice. Dry a bottle off before drinking it. Don't eat raw fruits and veggies. Don't drink alot of fruity drinks. ( I think this causes more problems than anything, alcohol/fruity drinks, i.e.daquiris,etc.) Don't eat fron dirty looking food places. <BR> <BR>

Susan Jun 26th, 2000 08:03 PM

Take two packages of Imodium AD for the runs because you will get them if you eat and drink in PV. If you love shell fish keep the local 911 number in your room. My stepfather almost died from eating bad fish. We noticed he became confused and them delerious with a very high temperature and profuse sweating. A rarity probably but if the hotel staff had not called a doctor immediaitely he would have died of some kind of bad fish poisening. <BR> <BR>Have a great time but better to be prepared than not.

dan Jul 2nd, 2000 10:22 AM

Eat Pepto Bismol tablets each day or get a prescrition drug from your doctor. Don't over drink, get too much sun, and over eat-no salads. Try to skip drinking milk and drink bottled water all day long so you don't get dehydrated. I have been traveling the area for 18 years and have never been sick once. I live at: <BR> <BR>adios! <BR> <BR>mexicodan

Dennis Jul 2nd, 2000 02:40 PM

<BR>I just returned from 5 weeks in PV and was never sick. I think that the main thing you have to remember is that you are changing climates, food, drinking more alcohol than you normally would, getting less sleep. All of these put together would tend to make one ill at times. Just remember to drink a lot of water, because with the alcohol and the climate you tend to dehydrate rapidly. You'll have a fantastic time. Enjoy yourselves and don't be overl concerned about health issues. The ones that the other posters gave you will see you through.

Mindy Aug 29th, 2000 08:05 AM

Try to avoid getting sick by eating hot food. If your dish is lukewarm, send it back and ask to have it heated. Avoid fresh fruit that is sliced but fresh fruit that you peel is fine. Most hotels have clean water but stick with bottled water when out and about. Avoid food stands with fruit drinks and lukewarm tacos. Remember, heat kills most bacteria. Finally, if you do get loose stools drink plenty of water and take immodium or pepto bismol (I have had more luck with immodium). Warning, if you have blood in your stools, disontinue the use of immodium. Sometimes it is useful to ask your family physician to give you an antibiotic to take with you should you get sick. But remember, only use it if you have loose stools and the immodium is not working or you have blood in your stools. No need to create more drug resistant bacteria by overmedicating ourselves.

mexicodan Aug 29th, 2000 05:46 PM

Pepto Bismol tablets. Take two in the morning and two in the evening. Don't get too much sun, don't drink too much booze, drink bottled water only, and stay away from street food vendors and salads.

WhatAGreatTime Aug 31st, 2000 03:32 PM

OK, let's see if I have all this down <BR> <BR>don't have drinks with ice <BR>don't eat chicken <BR>don't eat salad <BR>certainly don't drink water from the tap -- not even to brush your teeth don't have too many alcoholic drinks don't eat much fresh fruit or drinks with fruit juice <BR>don't eat raw fruits <BR>don't eat raw veggies <BR>Be sure to dry off completely any cold drink that has been sitting in a tub of ice. <BR>It's not a good idea to stay at all inclusives because the food may not be kept hot or cold enough. <BR>Take 3 acidoliphlos tablets daily. <BR>Take 2 pepto bismol tablets AM and PM. <BR> <BR>Wow! What a fun honeymoon destination! <BR> <BR>Excuse me, but I think I'll just go to Hawaii...............

Barb Sep 1st, 2000 05:55 AM

I have a sister who can get sick everywhere she goes...just ask her. She'll tell you she WILL get sick and sure enough, she does. My advice, go, have fun, be sensible but lose the paranoia. I was there last month. It was hot but aside from feeling slightly ill from the heat we had NO problems!! and we ate EVERYTHING in sight. Especially the fresh fruit which is THE BEST!!

Jesse Sep 1st, 2000 06:41 AM

Take the advice of the last poster, people get way to anal about food in Mexico. I have been traveling to Mexico regularly since I was 14 and have never been sick once. I eat the majority of my foods at restaurants where only locals eat and yes, even food stands. Take the advice on not drinking the tap water, take your Immodium, don't eat at buffets as the food tends to sit out to long, and quit worrying. You are going to one of the best places IMHO in all of Mexico, enjoy yourself!

Jim Sep 3rd, 2000 04:40 AM

Cannot understand why anyone would go to a location where they know they are going to have health problems due to a poor water supply. <BR> <BR>Try Ambergris Caye in Belize. I drink the water directly from the tap and have never had a problem in 4 years. The island is just a half mile from the great barrier reef...terrific live reef for snorkelling and diving. Lots of quaint beach bars and restaurants. Very laid back with sand streets...Jim

Geri Prause Sep 9th, 2000 09:00 AM

Well here's a switch, I went to Cancun for the first time a few years back & was very leary with all the hype about getting sick, I was CONSTIPATED the whole week & I ate everything, from fresh fruits to the tap water went to the authentic restaurants & never got the "Montezuma's Revenge"! So there you go, everyone is different, just go & enjoy! EAT DRINK & BE HAPPY!!!

Pancho Sep 10th, 2000 04:58 AM

There is less risk in Puerto Vallarta than most other areas of Mexico. Actually their water supply is pretty good. <BR> <BR>Just exercize some caution. Many times people will over indulge in eating different foods and drinking, and then wonder why they don't feel well.

JRinPV Oct 1st, 2000 10:10 AM

What a load of nonsense! The water in PV has passed International standards for 4 years running. Most people get sick because they DRINK to much of other beverages. The previous post re: loose stool (could have phrased it better) is the most accurate post on this thread. Hasta, JR

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