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sharon Aug 25th, 2002 10:10 PM

Several questions about Belize
Hello, I've done a bit of research on this site, but have a few specific questions. So sorry if any are repetitious. We're spending 8 nights in Belize in Dec. (9th-17th) My travel companion went there several years ago during March and made no reservations. He says this is a good way to go. I'm more of a planner, and want to have a decent place to stay - esp. if we get caught in bad weather. What do you all think about Belize without res. in Dec.? Also, and yes, I've read a lot of postings on this, but can anyone recommend places to stay in the $50-$60 nightly range? We want to stay a few nights inland, in the jungle, and the rest on the beaches, snorkeling, etc. A/C would be great but not required. What I'd really like is a good location - quiet, palm trees, beach, a nice place to relax. The room just needs to be clean and preferably have a private bathroom. Here are the choices of where we're thinking of going: Placencia; Ambergris Caye; Tobacco Caye; San Ignacio or that area; Caye Caulker, Hopkins. Please tell me, where would you go? One last thing: Has anyone been to Placencia lately? How is it in terms of rebuilding after Iris? Thanks a whole lot for your input.

Lan Sluder Aug 26th, 2002 09:49 AM

Early to mid-December would probably be okay without reservations, but closer to Christmas things fill up. I know some hotels on Ambergris Caye already are booked for Christmas.<BR><BR>For budget/low moderate hotels in the areas you are planning to visit, I'd recommend:<BR><BR>Cayo:<BR>Tree Tops (US$30 range)<BR>Hummingbird Hills<BR>Riverside<BR>Clarissa Falls<BR>Aguada (if you want to be in town)<BR>Safari Camp at Chaa Creek (US$100 for two with meals)<BR><BR>Caye Caulker: (all US$35-$65 range)<BR>Tree Tops<BR>Trends Beachfront<BR>Anchorage<BR>Shirley's<BR><BR>Hopkin s:<BR>Tipple Tree Beya Inn (US$30 or so)<BR><BR>Tobacco Caye (US$75-$100 for two, with all meals):<BR>Ocean's Edge<BR>Tobacco Caye<BR><BR>Placencia:<BR>Tradewinds (US$55)<BR><BR>If I had to choose two or three of these areas, I'd probably say Caye Caulker OR Tobacco Caye and San Ignacio area.<BR><BR>--Lan Sluder<BR>Fodor's Belize & Guatemala, Belize First Guide to Mainland Belize, San Pedro Cool, Adapter Kit: Belize<BR>

Sharon Aug 26th, 2002 09:09 PM

Thank you very much for the help. I like the looks of both Treetops and Trends in Caye Caulker. Which do you like better for location/grounds? Also, I'm wondering if you know anything about Tutzil Nah cottages, near the Cockscomb wildlife preserve, or Nabitunich (the stone cottages) I believe near San Ignacio. These places look nice and are very reasonably priced. I'm also having trouble finding any info on Ocean's Edge on Tobacco Caye. The more research I do on this site, I wonder if Southwater Caye wouldn't be a better choice. But the lodging on these cayes seems pricey. Also, my boyfriend really wants to go back to Placencia. How is it there, and do you have a couple hotel recommendations in line with my previous post? Thanks again, and sorry for all the questions!And if anyone else has any firsthand info about any of these places, please post!

Lan Sluder Aug 27th, 2002 08:55 AM

On Tobacco Caye, I think the plus about Ocean's Edge -- based on recent reports -- is the food. In December you'd probably pay close to US$100 a night at Ocean's Edge, but that's for two and includes all meals, so it's quite affordable.<BR><BR>I've stayed at Nabitunich. Nice location, nice owners. Not fancy but pleasant.<BR><BR>Between Trends Beachfront and Treetops, I'd choose Treetops -- great owners and clean as a pin. More like a B&B though then a hotel.<BR><BR>As I say, in Placencia the top budget place is Tradewinds -- cute little pastel cabins on the beach at south point. In that same price range, Harry's Cozy Cabanas.<BR><BR>--Lan Sluder<BR>

sharon Aug 28th, 2002 10:58 AM

Thanks again for your reply! I do appreciate it! <BR><BR>Sharon

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