Santiago to La Paz - La Paz to Lima


Aug 17th, 2002, 05:15 AM
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Santiago to La Paz - La Paz to Lima

In November, I need to travel

Santiago to La Paz
La Paz to Lima

Anybody done either by auto or bus? How long does it take? How scenic? How are the roads?

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Aug 21st, 2002, 05:19 AM
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Hi Juan,

We flew Santiago to LaPaz - and got altitude sickness!! Allow time to acclimatise. Driving in Bolivia takes a long time - it is very mountainous between the big cities and going up and down is time consuming! Flying is not very much more than the bus or train.

Have fun.

We went pretty much overland from LaPaz to Lima. The scenic route past all the tourist stops.

You can get a bus from LaPaz to Puno - 1 day. Good road. God views of the countryside and towns and villages.

You can take either a bus or a train from Puno to Cuzco. The Bus takes about 8 hours on a good road, or the train is fantastic at 10 hours. The scenery as you cross the Andes is spectacular.

We flew from Cuzco to Arequipa (almost as cheap as the bus but LOTS faster)

Arequipa to Nazca is 10 hours on a good (but very windy road) through the desert and along the coast. Not very much to look at - one bit of desert is pretty much like any other after awhile.

Nasca to Lima is 8 hours. Good road. Once again through the desert.

There are buses that go direct from Puno to Arequipa (10-12 hours)and then you can go Arequipa to Lima (14-16 hours)

The roads in Peru are generally very good - a lot of money has been spent on improving the infrastructure over the last few years.

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Oct 10th, 2002, 04:46 AM
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You can travel by bus to Iquique anmd then take a train to Bolivia through the Atacama desert. I can't remeber the Bolivian town you arrive in but it is not too difficult to get to La Paz from there. La Paz to Lima via Puno is straight forward. This would be the cheapest option but the train is not very regular so you would have to allow a couple of weeks.
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