Salmonella at Allegro Resort

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Salmonella at Allegro Resort

My wife and I stayed at the Royal Hideaway resort the first week of July. Unfortunately we got more than we bargained for. The day we returned home my wife became extremely ill. We had brought antibiotics as a precaution so she started taking them. It seemed to go away but several weeks later the problems returned. The second time she became so dehydrated that she was admitted to the hospital. She was in the hospital for 4 days and off work for almost a week. Tests showed that my wife had salmonella. The doctors are positive she contracted this while in Mexico. We ate all of our meals at the Royal Hideaway so we're positive she got it while at the resort. It took her almost 5 weeks to finally get better. This was an extremely bad case of salmonella and my wife was miserable for several weeks.

Almost 3 weeks ago I wrote the Royal Hideaway and Allegro Resorts to inform of them of what had happened. To date I haven't gotten any response from them. I assume they either didn't take this seriously or they didn't care. It doesn't say much for a organization
that can't spend a few minutes to address a serious situation like this. The main reason I wrote the letter was to make sure something was done so nobody else had to go through what my did.

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Perhaps you'll have better luck getting a response from the hotel than friends of ours who got extremely sick in Puerto Vallarta last Christmas ...but don't hold your breath. In our friends case it wasn't salmonella but Legionaire's Disease (it wasn't just an isolated case either...many people at the condo complex became very sick).They contacted their travel agent who contacted the condo where they stayed & basically the owners showed no interest whatsoever. Even their provincial health unit told them there was not much use contacting the Mexican health authorities.Their only recourse now is just to badmouth the place so nobody they know will ever stay there.(plus the travel agent posted a message to a lot of other travel agents NOT to use this particular condo complex).I guess this sort of thing can & does happen anywhere (even where you live). Besides this incident our friends LOVED PV and plan to return.They realize that most people who go to Mexico never get sick(we never have).They just won't stay at this condo ever again. Good luck in your efforts.
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How do they know you got it in Mexico? Salmonella can come on as early as 6 hours after eating something infected? Did she eat on the airplane?
If your wife was that sick she may need a check-up she could also have a suppressed immune system?
Why the antibiotics? Did your doctor tell you to take those? You may have made things worse by taking them?
No offence but Mexico always gets blamed whenever people get sick! I've been to Mexico several times as well as the Caribbean and I've never been sick...
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My wife was sick before we even left the resort for the airport. She was so sick she didn't eat or drink anything until the following day (including the plane ride home).

I agree that Mexico probably does get blamed for too many illnesses but the fact remains that my wife got salmonella and the only place we ate was at the Royal Hideaway. I think people should know this before they make a decision to spend the kind of money we did on a vacation (it wasn't cheap). I agree with the other post about not having any other option but to post messages on the Internet to let other people know about what happened. It's unfortunate that Allegro couldn't make some sort of effort to acknowledge what had happened but that was their choice, so I chose to let other people know via travel forums.
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It will be interesting to see if anyone else got it while you were there...
Sorry about your bad luck but remember it can happen anywhere!

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