Salina Cruz -- Puerto Escondido, Mexico

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Salina Cruz -- Puerto Escondido, Mexico

I am interested in taking a trip to Puerto Escondido. I have heard that it is what Puerto Vallarta was like 30 years ago. Are there any hotels and restuarants?
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Have spent 3 winters in puerto Arista and area in the state of chiapas Travelled a bit - give me a call if i can offer any more info!
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Dear person who is familiar with Puerto Escondido
and Oaxaca: My husband and I are traveling there
in the near future and would like some tips about
good places to eat and good places to photograph.
We are also looking for a place to stay. I want
a market day in Oaxaca. what are some of the
other good craft markets. Thanks
P.S. Is it possible to rent an apartment or
a small house rather than a hotel.
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Puerto Escondido is not overrun by tourists like Puerto Vallarta, but it is changing. Its very layed-back and there are no big American hotels. Its very relaxing and slow. Good food. The surf is huge there and only for experienced surfers, the swimming isn't good right on the main beach, you have to take a little boat (not very expensive, but barter) over to one of the bays to swim, its fun and they'll show you the big sea turtles in the water, too. They, of course, come back and get you several hours later.

Oaxaca city is the best place in the world. buses run to Puerto Escondido every hour or so (its a greuling 8 hr. bus ride to P.E. but not so bad to Tehuantepec (only 5 or so hours), but there's really nothing to do in Tehuantepec but admire the different dress and attitude of the people (its a matriarchy, where women run everything and men lie (don't all mexican men lie?) around in hammocks. There is one interesting ruin called Guiengola, but its not for the casual traveller. You have to walk like 10 kilometers in the blazing sun to reach it, and its really not worth it. Oaxaca City on the other hand is a plethora of wonderful things to see and do, with ruins all over and great people and food and artisans of all types. happy travelling.
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Oh, I forgot to say that Saturday is market day in Oaxaca (the LARGEST INDIGENOUS MARKET IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY) and yes, renting an apartment is easy. There is a website of the "Oaxaca Times" english newspaper that has listings for rooms and apartments. Villa Maria is an excellent apartment bldg. and she has an ad in the Oaxaca Times. Her address is 402 Arteaga (or something like that).
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We went to Puerto Vallarta last Dec. - stayed at the Westin Regina in the Marina area - fell in love with the resort and PV. Loved everything except the beach - not good at all, bad drop down and very rocky. Are there any really good beaches (not for laying on, but for going in the water?

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