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Musetta Nov 5th, 2019 03:51 PM

Safety driving at night from Ciudad Valles to SLP on new road
Dear Fodorites:

Is it considered safe/secure to drive on the new roads from Ciudad Valles to SLP after dark?

My family and I (me + husband and 2 kids - 14 & 12) will be in San Luis Potosi for a wedding over Christmas. We are planning to rent a car and drive to Huasteca Potosina and spend 4 days touring the area including river rafting, visiting the waterfalls, Jardin Surrealista etc. We have chosen to go through a tour company (I realize we could have done it on our own!). We will return from the 4th touring day around 6pm to our hotel near Ciudad Valles. Our flight leaves from SLP for US the next day at 1pm.

We are wondering whether it is safe to drive at night on the new highway that goes to SLP (not the mountainous route) - either for security reasons or road condition?
  • Option 1: we could. eat a quick bite and drive on the new highways in the evening then stay overnight in hotel near airport.
  • Option 2: we could stay one more night near Ciudad Valles and then rise early morning to drive to SLP prior to flying home.
  • Option 3: drive half-way (Rio verde??) and spend night then continue next morning.
We have experience driving in numerous foreign countries (we have not driven in Mexico) and speak Spanish.

Thanks so much, in advance, for any tips!


baldone Nov 5th, 2019 08:38 PM

Good question. I live in Mexico and have driven both routes, through the mountains as well the toll road from Rio Verde to SLP. As a rule, I try to avoid driving in Mexico at night, though I have. The toll road is fast and in excellent condition. Likewise the highway from Cd Valles to Rio Verde, as much of it is new. I can't recall if the new section is toll or not, it probably is. I think if it were me, I'd go for option 3. Option 1 puts you on the highway for almost 4 hours or so at night, after a long day of touring. 3 lets you get up at a reasonable hour and return the car con calma. From my experience, security in SLP state is not an issue. I've driven a number of back roads in the Huasteca without problems other than lots of potholes.
PS. You probably did the right thing by using a tour company. The Huasteca is a large and diverse area.
PPS. Please do a trip report after you return.
This is one I did a couple years back fwiw:

Musetta Nov 6th, 2019 12:40 PM

Thanks so much, Baldone. Very helpful advice.
I also appreciate your sending the link to your trip report!
Will plan to do one myself after the trip.


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